Blue and Green Hair Dye Pics!

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Want to dye your hair blue or green? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair, what hair dye color they used and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture for 10% off your next hair dye order (one time only). Discount is for personal use only. Six jar limit. Can not be used with free shipping. Pictures are for use on our site, facebook, and twitter accounts only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else.
All photos should be Manic Panic, Special Effects, Punky colour, Arctic Fox or Sparks Hair Color. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Discount is good for 30 days after picture submission.


Yolanda- Special Effects Iguana Green, Manic Panic Raven Black

I used Manic Panic Raven anda Special Effects Iguana Green. I mixed a lot of Iguana Green and a little bit of Raven to create a dark green. I bleached my hair with a 30 vol. two times. My hair was a very bleach blonde before i put the color on. The first picture is a week after dying and the second is 3 weeks after dying. I continue to dye it but the color lasts 5-6 weeks. I love the feel of Special Effects and the shine of it, even after it 6 weeks the color is a lighter yet very vibrant color. Thank you so much Funky Shop!!!!

Krista- Manic Panic Voodoo Blue, Hot Hot Pink, Purple Haze

My names krista , i use manic panic, my natural hair is light blonde but have had to lighten it cpl times, i started with hot hot pink and then blended voodoo blue in the middle down to ends. Last about 4 5 weeks. Second picture is also with manic panic i added purple haze over the hot hot pink , then added hot hot pink to my blonde on top, and then vvoodoo blue on ends again and a little on front, blended so nice love these colors and they last so long


Hans- Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Ultraviolet, Purple Haze, Atomic Turquoise

Bleached dirty blonde hair with 30 vol to a light blonde, colored damp hair with conditioner, applied shower cap and let sit for 1 hr 30 min.

NIkki- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

Using Special Effects Electric Blue Hair Dye.My hair was dyed black before I lightened parts of it with 40vol bleach.This was about a week after dying it.


Kayli- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl

i started off all dark brown, I bleached the top and dyed it just using the Special Effects Fishbowl. and in the middle of all the blue, i did a dark brown patch to make it kinda pop more. The pic in the black tank top is the day i did it, the one in the gray shirt is a week after i did it. :]

Veronica- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Wildflower, Fishbowl, Blue Mayhem, Cupcake Pink

My hair was brown before I bleached it White and then sectioned it off into layers giving it the rainbow effect!

Ananda_ Hair dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl

This is fishbowl over bleached hair

Tina- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Limelight, Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

In the 1st pic, i used special effects limelight! <3 and the 2nd i added some leftover manic panic hot hot pink
my natural level is about a 3 or 4... so dark dark brown
i lifted my hair to about a level 7 or 8, a pale yellow then toned it
the 1st pic is the night before, with one wash, the second pic is a week with about 4 or more washes.


Heathe Cliffe- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Iguana Green

I used Special Effects Iguana Green. Before dying it, I had a golden blonde 'do from the salon. I've never bleached my hair before doing a wild colour. & as far as application, nothing more than pouring it in my hands and making sure I get every strand. I'd say the freshly dyed hair looks pretty good. :o)


Sunhawk- Special Effects Iguana Green, Sonic Green

Colors used- Iguana Green and Sonic Green, mixed in the hair rather than mixed beforehand.
Color when started-Artificial Strawberry blonde
I bleached it first but I had blonde hair to start so it lightened to very pale blonde
The green lasted usually over a month before it was too pale for my liking and I redid the green. I had to stop with green since my hair needs a break right now from the repetitive bleaching, it started to break in weird spots. But my best tip would be to put the Special Effects on your hair, then put a plastic bag over your scalp, making sure to press out all the air so the dye stays wet. I leave it in as long as I can stand it (usually 4-6 hours) then rinse it out and it seems to last a lot longer that way!


Ven- Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Midnight Blue

The first picture is my beautiful after midnight blue hair, i bleach the crap out of it and it lasted me aboutt 2.5 weeks ish always fades to a really nice colour its prtey much the only colour i keep going back to over and over again with manic panic. The second is after midnight blue over top a layer of just bleached hair it faded to a really nice aqua colour was very cute. The third is the first time ever i dyed my hair after midnight blue from manic panic, i didnt bleach my hair all the way it was still a blondeish brown colour but it turned out amazing it was navy to begin with then it gradualy faded from navy to bright blue to dark teal a little bit a green highlights to lighter teal to light blue it looked amazing for like a month and a half, but i havent been able to pull that off since lol

Ven- Hair dye used: Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue

This is when i bleached and dyed my hair to bad boy blue from manic panic(super crappy i hated it ) barely lasted a couple days and it faded.

From Becky's Beauty Hut, Emporium, Pa- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Limelight, Electric Blue

On 40 vol bleached hair


Ashley- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem, Atomic Pink, Pimpin Purple, Manic Panic Atomic turquoise

Bleached dirty blonde hair with Quick White bleach powder, 40 volume developer
-Special Effects Blue Mayhem
-SE Atomic Pink
-SE Pimpin Purple (applied to ends of hair)
-Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Amplified
I foiled the pink and turquoise
The second picture is what it looks like after about 2.5 weeks. I don't wash my hair every day. I wash it every 2 or 3 days so the color will last longer.

Danie- Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Spring Green, Hot Hot Pink

This picture is Punky Color - Spring Green and Manic Panic - Amplified Hot Hot Pink. As you can see, the pink faded way quicker than the green. This green is actually amazing, I highly recommend it if you're sick of fading!


Also from Becky's Beauty Hut, emporium, Pa- Special Effects Fish Bowl, Cupcake Pink

Fish Bowl on dark natural hair, Cupcake Pink on bleached roots


Teemis- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Limelight, Blue Velvet

The green I used was Special Effects Limelight.
My sisters friend bleached parts of my hair and died over the bleached parts.
The blue I used was Special Effects Blue Velvet.In the second picture, this is what it looks like now ( over a month later ) and I am still quite pleased with it :)

My natural hair colour is dark brown and I had bleached patches in my hair so I decided to put the Blue Velvet on my whole head to get a sort of REALLY dark blue with lighter blue parts. At first my whole hair was pretty much ALMOST black (even the bleached parts) but after about 2 days you could really see the bright blue parts peeking through the dark hair. It looked really good and lasted that way for quite a while. It lasted about a month before the light patches started fading into a colour I no longer wanted.


Katie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl, Pimpin Purple, Cupcake Pink

i used special effects hair dye, fishbowl, cupcake pink on the top, and pimpin' purple on the bottom. my hair is origonally dark brown, i bleached it on the top and bottom. this picture wa taken a few hours after being dyed.


Melissa- Hair dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

I bleached it the night before after dying it blonde over the past six months (it was black and was a slow process of going blonde). Then my husband applied the dye which took about an hour since my hair was so long. Then I used the blow dryer on it for about 10 minutes and left the dye on for another two and a half hours. Rinsed and applied conditioning treatment on it. But my hair was in such bad shape from all the bleach that I chopped it off about a week later. Love the color, it really pops now that my hair is shorter.The photo is a week later after I got it cut. Neither picture was in the best of light and did not do my hair justice.

Diana- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl and Fudge Blue Hawaii

You can see my natural hair in the photo, it’s dark brown.I had to bleach it once for the Blue Hawaii to stick and twice for Fishbowl to stand out. The photo was taken straight after I dyed it.

Ana- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

I used special effects wildflower for this pictures. I bleached out individual sections of my hair first (from black to blonde/light brown) then applied the dye and left it in for about 20 mins. In that picture, i dyed it about 2 weeks earlier.

Tee- Hair Dye used: Manc Panic Atomic Turquoise

Hello! All I did was bleach and apply the colours provided. My hair was somewhat a light auburn, I had black hair for 6 years (dyed) and I got it lightened out at the hairdresser a couple of months before. I bleached the contour of my head for the turquoise, dyed the rest black. In the photos provided they were perhaps 3-7 days from dying. The special effects is so amazing, even when it begins to fade it’s still beautiful, the shades it leaves!

Sally- Hair Dye used_ Special Effects Iguana Green

I like to create what I call "hair outfits" ~ the GREEN makes it so much more fun! And this one's from my wedding.
I used only Special Effects Iguana Green
My hair is brown, and I always lighten it before I apply my special effects
I use volume 40 lightener, for about 10 minutes - I like to leave my hair a bit orange to bring out the natural green of the Iguana Special Effects.
These pictures feature a fresh (1- 2 day old) dye job.


Kimmi- Hair dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple, Fishbowl

Special Effects Deep Purple mixed with Pimpin' Purple, with streaks and chunks of Fishbowl.
Hair was yellow/blonde. It's been 2-3 weeks. Pic by KimmiKillZombie of www.uvkitty.com


Charlotte- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fish Bowl

I used Special FX Fishbowl over bleached hair, the brown is my natural color and i bleached it a lighter yellow. This is about two washes after the initial dye and on me the color lasts about a month before i need to re-dye it. It lasts way longer than other dyes I have used with a similar color.

Angelica- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Myhem, Punky Colour Plum

.i just have the blue mixed in with my natural red hair
What color was your hair before you started? red
Did you bleach your hair first? i bleached it with 40 developer
How long has it been since you dyed it? couple of weeks




Claudia- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange, Virgin Rose, Blue Mayhem

Virgin Rose applied on fringe and Blue Mayhem on rest of hair.Before started, it was light orange.



Nina- Hair dye used:Special Effects Electric Blue

I have used Special Effects colors since 2001. I mostly now love the Electric Blue color. It is beautiful and vibrant when you first apply it. I usually get my hair bleached, because my natural color is brown. But once it washes out, probably not until about 3 weeks into washing my hair every other day, it turns into this beautiful purple (as you can see in the picture of me looking down) I just LOVE it!
The face painted picture is a day after freshly applied hair dye.




Isabelle- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cupcake Pink, Atomic Pink, Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise

Photo byMalin Viktoria
I mixed the pinks together in a 50/50 mix and used the turquoise straight up.My hair is naturally dark blonde, so I have my friend who's a hairdresser bleach the roots and the strips for the blue. I recently switched to Special Effects and I loooove this dye, it last longer than any other product I've tried. This photo is 3 weeks since the last dye job, and the color is still vibrant.

Sasha- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange, Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise, Purple Haze, Pillarbox Red

Pic 1-Special Effects High-Octane Orange, Manic Panics Atomic Turquoise. Natural color black as seen.
Hair bleached twice before dying.This is about a month after dying, I only wash my hair in the coldest water i can stand with shampoo, no conditioner, will cause my hair to get greasy too fast, and i only wash once it starts looking like it needs it.
Pic 2-Manic Panic Purple Haze
Hair was bleached twice and dyed Pillarbox red, had faded to a light pink when i dyed it the Purple Haze
Pic 3-Manic Panic Pillarbox Red
Bleached twice, waited a couple days between bleaching
About a week after dying

Valerie and client- Hair dyes used: Special Effects Virgin Rose, Fish Bowl, Manic Panic Flamingo Pink

im a hair stylist, thats the salon behind me. i have bleached my hair previously but not this time, my natural color is a level 5 mousey brown, easy to bleach and takes abuse well with LOTS of conditioning!! this is special effect virgin rose and fishbowl. i applied the colors directly on top of other colors that had faded. in this picture the virgin rose is a month old and the fishbowl is fresh. the virgin rose holds really well. the fishbowl comes out greener than i would like, i think its time for some bleaching. i love this website its great for ideas now that i know its here ill be sending more pics of me and my clients.
Pics 2 & 3- This is my client, she came in all black with 5 months worth of regrowth. i bleached accordingly and applied a mix of manic panic flamingo pink and special effects virgin rose. i touched up the black, cleaned up the cut and blew her dry. i love what i do!! birds of a feather!!



Shiloh_ Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Fish Bowl, Blue Mayhem

In this photo I've just put in Special Effects Fishbowl and Blue Mayhem over freshly bleached blond hair. I used the Fishbowl on the top layers, and the Blue Mayhem on the bottom layers, and a mixture of the two dyes on the middle layers.



Mouse-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Iguana Green, Hot Lava

Hi I'm Mouse I've been using special effects since 2000. I've been using Nuclear Red as a primary colour since 2003, This colour is one of the most spectacular colours out of the choices I love all and i have several!
In these pics I used Nuclear Red on top Iguana Green,and Hot Lava!!! Thank you for your time, because i've had a blast!!!

Tabbit- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Haired Freak, Sonic Green

My natural hair color is a dirty blonde, and I bleach my hair almost white every time I dye it. I have been dying my hair for 13 years, I dont even know what my natural color is anymore.

1 , Blue haired freak, by special effects, 2 weeks after dying.
2 , Sonic green by special effects, mixed evenly with blue haired freak, 1 week after dying with black tips.


Jenice- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl

I started out with dark black hair and bleached it on the bottom. In these photos it has been a week since I dyed it. It's great I love it and certainly recommend it :].

Kellymonsterr; Hair Dye used: special Effects

The first picture was dyed with Special Effects: Atomic Pink and Fishbowl, Punky Colour: Bright Yellow.
The second was done with Special Effects: Atomic Pink, Fishbowl, and Limelight.

My hair was red before I started dying it at all, but i've had plenty of colors in it before. I never bleach my hair, it's bad for it, I just go to the store and get the lightest blonde I could find and did it with that. My hair wasn't really that dark to begin with, so it wasn't hard to get it blonde. It's been about a month a a half since i've done my hair and the last thing i've done to it was my pink roots, there's still pink in it. :]


Michaela- Hair dye used: Punky Colour Spring Green, Yellow

The hair dye that I used in both pictures is Jerome Russel’s Punky Colours. The colors I used in the coon tail were spring green and bright yellow. They were dyed over bleached hair. But I only bleached it to a golden color. The photo was taken a day after I colored my hair .
In the second photo, with only the green color, I had dyed more spring green over the yellow when it started to fade. The photo was taken a few weeks after I dyed it.

Laura- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Mayhem, Fishbowl

My hair was a white blonde before I dyed it, except for where the pink is. It was still a faded Atomic Pink in that area. I used Atomic Pink, Wild Flower, Blue Mayhem and Fishbowl, all from Special Effects. This was taken about a day or two after I dyed it. The pink has lasted for over four months, but all the other colours faded in about 3-4 weeks. I loved having my hair like this, and I'm very glad that your shop carries the products I like! :)


Katsuya- Hair dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Wild Flower

My hair was a darker blond for the first two and fourth photos. For the others, I bleached my hair to a pale yellow using 30 volume developer, then applied the color evenly with a tint brush. Then I let the color sit for half an hour usually, though I've also let it sit for 2 hours before as a test. I use Miracle 7's color protect shampoo and conditioner to keep the color longer.

Photo 1: freshly dyed blue velvet. Photo 2: blue velvet at a month. Photo 3: Blue Velvet on upper portion of hair and Wild Flower on lower, freshly dyed.



Alexa - Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise, Special Effects Atomic Pink

My hair is naturally medium to dark brown and so I have to bleach it to a really light blonde before adding color. I used Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise for the bangs and Special effects Atomic pink and Virgin rose mixed together for the rest.


Miss Lovely- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Deep Purple, Wildflower

Pic 1-here is Deep Purple on the top layer with Wildflower on the bottom layer of hair, this was the day after dying it over bleached hair.
Pic 2-This is the same Deep Purple and Wildflower layers, with bleached sections (that turned pink from bleaching the purple) 4 months after dying it, only touching up the roots by bleaching and putting Deep Purple as needed.
Pic 3-This was a day after I put the atomic pink over the bleached sections, not having touched up the Purples except the roots in 5 months
Pic 4-This was the atomic pink after a month, 6 months on the purple.
Pic 5-I then bleached my roots to do a touch up and decided to mix the deep purple and the wildflower together and do it on all of my roots to pull it down and then applied the atomic pink to the ends (which had not been bleached with the roots) giving it a gradient effect. so the Atomic pink was covering the old atomic pink as well as the dark purple and wildflower sections. This picture is a week or so after I dyed it.


Patricia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Cupcake Pink, Manic Panic Turquoise

1st: Special Effects-Atomic pink mixed with cupcake pink & conditioner. Manic panic-Atomic turquoise (taken a few weeks after being dyed)
2nd: Special Effects-Atomic pink mixed with cupcake & Manic Panic-Atomic turquoise (freshly dyed)
3rd: Special Effects-Cupcake pink & faded wildflower (taken a few weeks after being dyed)
4 th: Special Effects-Atomic pink mixed with conditioner and Manic panic-Atomic turquoise (hair freshly dyed a few days before)

Becca- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl, Purple Smoke

Fishbowl and Purple Smoke, all over bleached hair.


Natan- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Punky Color Turquoise

I´m from Brazil, my name is Natan.My hair is dark brown. I bleached it with bleach 40 before dyeing my hair.
The first picture is Special Effects BLue Velvet The second picture is Punky Colour Turquoise.
(I bleached my hair again) The pictures were taken 1 week after I dyed.


Roger- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

Applied on bleached hair, left on for 45 mins
Started with bleached blond. Natural color is medium brown.
Did you bleach your hair first?
Yes. Been bleaching my hair for several years.

Linda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue/Blue Mayhem. Atomic Pink

My name is Linda. I am a colorist at Mia Bella Salon in San Bruno, CA.
I've used your product Special effects for 7 years now and I am a huge fan of it.
I use it on myself as well. I have to pre-Bleach my hair to a level 10 to get this
vibrant of a color. It usually last up to 15-20 washes.


Holls- Hair dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Mayhem

I used Special Effects Atomic Pink and Blue Mayhem, applying the pink to the front and the
blue to the back on pre-bleached to light yellow hair. The first pic was taken immediately
after dyeing it, and the second is a shot of the pink a month and a half after dyeing.

Hilary- Hair dye used: Special Effects Iguana Green, Atomic Pink

I used Special Effects in Atomic Pink and Iguana Green.
I had pitch black hair (natural color). I bleached sections
of my hair first and did the chunking effect with the limelight
on the first picture-- I didn't leave the pink in long enough.
The second one was over the existing colors, with atomic pink.
I left that in for about 2 hours. Atomic Pink photo was taken
about 2 days after the dying and the Iguana Green was about a week after I dyed it.


Nicole- Hair dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Joyride, Nuclear Red, Blood Red, Deep Purple, Manic Panic Electric Lizard

For the first 2 pictures, my hair was bleached almost platinum blonde. They are both really washed out (over a months period).
The 3rd to last picture, my bleached hair was a little bit more yellowish and they were all after the first wash.
1. Special Effects - Blue Velvet
2. Special Effects - Joyride
3. Special Effects - Nuclear Red
4. Special Effects - Blood Red
5. Special Effects - Deep Purple
6. Manic Panic - Electric Lizard



Miranda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as &# Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired Freak, Deep Purple, Cupcake Pink

Nuclear Red, Napalm orange, Bright as F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired freak, Deep Purple, and Cupcake pink. they were not mixed, just applied to areas of my hair. Started with very light blonde. Bleached hair first. In the photos this was the first week of having it


Miss Lolo- Hair dyes used: Special Effects Fishbowl, Joyride, Cupcake Pink, Cherry Bomb, Napalm Orange, Manic Panic Turquoise

In all of the Miss Lolo's pics she bleached her hair- originally light brown. All pics were a few days after dyeing.
Pic 1: Special Effects Fishbowl and Joyride, dyed in layers
Pic 2: Special Effects Cupcake Pink and Manic Panic Turquoise, dyed in layers

Sarah- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

My name is Sarah and I’m a Special Effectsaholic. I’ve been using Wildflower for 9 years and I looove it! I have tried other colors, but I just love the vibrant blue in the first month, hot purple the second month and Easter purple the last month or so. I have so much fun with it. I have fairly black hair naturally. I bleach it to blond before adding the color. I like wildflower because you don’t need to bleach it to white to get a great color pay off
1. This is the first day
2. Here’s 3 weeks later
3. This application was before it even had a chance to fade about a week after the previous pic.
4. Here’s a month after that application
5. This is 3 months after my last application





Jinx- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Pimpin Purple, Blue Mayhem

Picture one: Special Effects Atomic Pink, and Pimpin Purple.
Started with dark brown, with streak's of Atomic Pink.
Bleached untill it was an extremely light blonde.
Picture Two: Special Effects Atomic Pink.
What color was your hair before you started? It was Atomic Pink, and Pimpin Purple.
Did you bleach your hair first? Yes.

Picture three: Special Effects Pimpin Purple, and Blue Mayhem.
What color was your hair before you started? It was Atomic Pink.
Did you bleach your hair first? Yes.
Picture four: Special Effects Pimpin Purple.
What color was your hair before you started? It was Pimpin Purple, and Blue Mayhem.
Did you bleach your hair first? Yes.
I have been dyeing my hair some form of and unnatural hair color for about the last thirteen years,
The photos are a few colors I've chosen in the last year. I have a habit of re-dying my hair every 3-4 months.

Luaths- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

Hullo there!
The dye in this photo is Special Effects "Blue Mayhem".
I've been using it since the Summer of 2006 and love it to bits!
I bleach the parts I intend to dye about twice a year and then retouch
with the blue about once every two months or so. I tend to leave the
blue in overnight since it dries pretty quickly. The photo was taken a day
or two after it had been dyed, though this particular colour fades to a really nice purple in time!


Miranda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cupcake Pink, Fishbowl, Nuclear Red

I used special effects hair dye for this.
Pic 1 & 2 I used cupcake pink, and fishbowl, I picked random chunks of it
and dye'd them cupcake pink, and the rest of my hair I dyed fishbowl.
My hair before I dyed it was light blonde. I did bleach my hair first.
Pic 3 I used Nuclear red dye. My hair was either blonde, or a faded color before I started.
I bleached my hair before I started coloring it.
I dye my hair all the time.


Meagan- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Bright as #*@$ Yellow, Blue Velvet

In the first picture I used Special Effects Atomic Pink and Bright as @!?$ Yellow after bleaching my hair. I left the colour on over night and washed it out the next morning. This pic was taken a few days afterwards. In the second picture, I used Special Effects Blue Velvet as well as Atomic Pink. I applied these colours over top of an older application of the pink and yellow. Again, the colour was left on over night as washed the next morning. This pic was taken the same day it was washed out. The colours lasted a really long time. It was probably about 2 months after that I had to touch it up.


Nikie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

My hair is naturally dark brown.

Dyed over the highlighter-bleach pink with Special Effects Wild Flower. #1 is a few days after dying, #2 is about a month after dying. It sort of turned silver.


Chelli- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Velvet, Fishbowl, Punky Lagoon Blue

Special FX: I redyed my hair using SFX Atomic Pink, Blue Velvet,
and Fishbowl mixed with Lagoon Blue. The pink in my hair was
faded to a reddish orange colour when I used SFX. Considering this,
I can't believe how long it lasted.


Tyree- Hair Dye used: Special Effects FishBowl

I used Special Effects' "Fishbowl." It was applied onto hair bleached to a golden blond.
The first picture was taken immediately after dying it, the second about a week later.
The third was taken a couple of days ago, roughly two months after dying it with no touch-ups.
As you can see, it's fading a bit green. Time to redo it. :)


Laura and Gabi- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

I used Special Effects - Blue Mayhem in all these pictures. The first picture is me about 2 weeks after dyeing, with normal shampooing. I did pre-bleach my hair to a light blonde. The second picture is a close up with flash the same night my hair was dyed. You can see all the beautiful purple and light blue tones.The last picture is of my little sister Gabi the same day we dyed her hair (she loved it!). We did not bleach or process it, just put the hair dye in over her blonde hair. It lasted around 4 weeks pretty vibrantly despite not bleaching it first. :]



Colby- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose, Sonic Green, Pimpin Purple

I bring the dyes into a salon. My hair is naturally the dark brown color so my hairdresser bleaches it to a light brown so that it doesn't kill it. (the colors still work even if it's not white blonde, they just come out darker and not as showy. I can't bleach my hair for long or else it dies.) She then applies the colors using foils and sits me under a dryer for about 15-20 minutes. I have used so many brands and nothing has worked and lasted like Special Effects. The first picture is about 2 months after dying. ) The second picture is about 3 months after dying, and the third is the day of dying. I have found the teal lasts the least long, but does not fade to an ugly shade. The roots continue to stay teal while the ends fade. Pimpin' purple lasted a few washes until the virgin rose bled together with it and it all became a pinky-purple. I think pimpin' purple would be great by itself, though. The virgin rose lasts the best, which is odd considering it is a pink. It just keeps getting more magenta and brighter with each wash but never seems to fade, I don't get it. I have since switched to fish bowl and deep purple. The fish bowl is a more true teal if you're looking for an aqua color, while the sonic green is obviously more green. Deep purple fades to an even better color than when it's first dyed; it just gets more brilliant and violet with each wash. I kind of wish it didn't turn out so dark in the beginning because by the time it fades to the awesome violet, I am redying it. Your site helps immensely with all of the pictures, I would never be able to choose just by explanation. Great prices, too. Thanks, funkyshop.


Patricia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Cherry Bomb, Limelight, Cupcake Pink

My original hair color before dyeing was black and I always bleach my hair to change the color.
I took the pics 2 weeks after dyeing my hair.


Victoria-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

- My hair is normally black, and I had chunks of it bleached to a pale yellow.
- I dyed it with Special Effects Wildflower.
- This picture is of the day after the dye job.
- It's been a month and the color is still very vibrant where my hair had been bleached the most pale, but it's turning a bit pastel where my hair wasn't bleached as much. Either way, I love it!


Electrolux-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl, Atomic Pink

BRAND: Special Effects (I swear by this stuff!)
COLORS: Fish Bowl & Atomic Pink
Before I started, I bleached my hair to white-blonde (still visible in the photograph). I've been blessed with naturally light hair so getting it white has never been a problem. In this photo, the dye is about a week old. To keep the colours bright, I always wash my hair in cold water, and mix a little bit of dye in with my shampoo when the colour needs refreshing.
PHOTO CREDITS: Photo for futurstate.com by zaiden.com. Makeup Artist: stellardesignz.ca. Hairstylist: hairbot.com.


Amy and friend-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Joy Ride, Deep Purple and Fishbowl

My name is amy and i use special effects on lots of my clients but i used it for the first time
on myself and im still in love with it!! This is the joy ride after 2 weeks of constant shampooing
still perfectly bright!!! love it! My hair was dark brown and i bleached it to a light orange

And the other one is of my client using deep purple and fishbowl. I had to bleach it out pretty light for the fishbowl.


NIkki- Hair Dye used: Mani Panic After Midnight Blue, Special Effects Atomic Pink and Virgin Rose

Pic #1- Manic Panic After Midnight Blue mixed with purple.. Since my hair is dark brown I bleached my hair blonde before hand. This was the first day, Pic #2 is 3 weeks later.
Pic #3- Special Effects Atomic Pink with purple. I re-bleached my hair before dying, this was the first day. Pic #4 is about a month later, and pic #5 is 3 1/2 months after having it done.
Pic #6- Special Effects Virgin Rose with purple, also left a streak of bleach blond. This was the first day. Pic #7 Is about 4 days later. Pic #8 Is about a month 1/2 later.



Brooce- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink and Fishbowl

Pictures 1 : Hair dye used: Special Effects Atomic pink and Fishbowl (+offbrand colorenhancer)I started out with Atomic Pink, which I'd let grow out for 2-3 months.My roots are dark brown, and I bleached those to a light blond withquick blue powder and a 40 vol. creme developer, and dyed everything but the tips (which I left pink) with a mixture of Fishbowl and a Clairolblue color enhancer. Let sit for 2 hours, rinsed with cold water.Photo was taken 24 hours after original dyeing.Picture 2: Hair dye used:Special Effects Atomic pink I used quick blue powder and 40 vol. developer to bleach my dark brownhair to light blonde, washed, dryed, put in the Atomic pink, left it foran hour, and rinsed with cold water.

Vicious Viv-Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink, Ultra Violet, Atomic Turquoise, Cotton Candy Pink

Pic #1 and #2 - Hot Hot Pink mixed with Cotton Candy Pink, Atomic Turqouise, and Ultra Violet, I dyed my hair in three different sections.
Pic #3 and #4 - Hot Hot Pink and Ultra Violet. I dyed my hair in two different sections.
Before I dyed my hair any colors, I used Flash Lightning Kit to bleach my hair almost a white shade.
I love Manic Panic Ive been using it since I was in middle school, but I keep hearing about Special Effects so im going to try it out.



Chelli-Hair Dye used: Fudge Raspberry Beret, Pretty Flamingo, Pink Moon, Punky Turquoise, Lagoon blue

I had a friend help me seperate my hair into 3 layers. The top layer is paintbox by fudge, Raspberry Beret and Pretty Flamingo. The bottom layer is punky colours, turquoise mixed with lagoon blue.


Morgasaur: Hair Dye used: Renbow Crazy Colors

From front to back: Violette, Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Canary Yellow, Napalm Orange (Special Effects) and Fire! All the Crazy Color colors you guys sent me, haha. Enjoy.


Viv- Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink, Atomic Turquoise, Ultraviolet

Hair dye used: Manic Panic: Hot Hot Pink (diluted), Atomic Turqouise (diluted), and Ultra Violet (diluted). Hot Hot Pink was used in the front, Atomic Turqouise was used in the back, and Ultra Violet was used down the middle of my hair, over bleached white hair, which is naturally dark brown.



Chie-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Electric Blue, Limelight, and Fishbowl

Blue Velvet, Electric Blue mixed with Limelight, and Fish Bowl, allapplied in a mottled haphazard kind of way. I wasn't wearing gloves,so I was trying to do it as quickly as possible, so I wouldn't end uplooking completely like sonic the hedgehog. My hair is normally dark-brown, but I've bleached and dyed it alot, so before it was a light purple-pink as faded from blue velvet several months before. I did re-bleach my hair, as I had a significant chunk of unbleached roots and had just gotten a hair cut. I have been dyeing my hair for 6 years at least, but the last timeI dyed it was a few months prior, probably 2 or 3, as I had significantly longer hair and was running out of dye.





Amy K's Hair stylin- Hair Dye used: Special Effects listed below!

Hi im a stylist - here are pictures from my clients.
The first one was done on bleached hair with the atomic pink
The second was done on bleached hair with the fish bowl
The third was done on bleached hair mixing the cherry bomb and hioctane orange together

First is pimpin purple
Second is cherry bomb
Third is some cherry bomb, fishbowl, electric blue and atomic pink
I absolutely love this colour line i just cant get enough
thanks alot

Sam- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

Here's a picture of myself with electric blue dye in my hair. The flash washed it out a little, unfortunately. It was quite a bit brighter-looking in person in natural light. It faded over time to purple and then pink :) It was dyed over bleached hair, though not completely white bleached.


arSinal and dR. Travma of TranceDoll Inc:
Hair Dye used: Special Effects various colors

Pic 1: arSINal dared to use a painting style featuring a Wild Flower background, Iguana Green Alien Face and Atomic Pink Crossbones!
Pic 2: She had a 'colorfall' with a layered effect using Limelight, Iguana Green, Electric Blue, Fishbowl Blue, Virgin Rose and Cupcake Pink.
Pic 3: She had a solid style using Wild Flower and Limelight(40 developer with Salon Care brand 'Quick White' bleach powder).

We are both naturally blonde, but have been dying our hair black for many years. So we started with black hair. arSINal is currently non-colorfied, however the dR. has not had to update his color for nearly eight weeks! We ONLY use Special Effects brand intense hair colors! Nothing else has ever come close in longevity, intensity and eco friendly-ness! We recommend SFX to anyone coloring hair!




Karen-Hair Dye used: Special Effects
Pic 1 Electric Blue
Pic 2 Deep Purple
Pic 3 Fishbowl
Pic 4 Blue Mayhem
Pic 5 Green Iguana

I have dyed my hair using Special Effects hair dye for about 4 years,
including but not limited to fishbowl, electric
lue, blue mayhem, and deep purple. I use one dye at a time, no layering
or mixing, etc. My hair is naturally a very dark brown, so of course I
must bleach it with 40 volume before dying.


Tonks- Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl and Blue Mayhem
And, Tonks... Congrats!!

I usually use any and all colors I think will look good together. In the first pic, I used SE Fishbowl and SE Blue Mayhem. I usually dye each color seperate so they don't run together (unless I want them to) and then if I want some "blending" between colors, I will go back and dye over the spot lightly. My hair is always bleached before dyeing so that it is extra dry and will suck up the paint. My hair retains SE colors for 6 weeks or more with a little bit of fading because I only use hand soap to wash my hair. It helps with the dye bleeding out not as much. Blue hair pic, it was about 2 weeks.


Brynnaaa Brontosaurus-
Hair Dye used: Punky color Atlantic Blue, Turquoise, Bright Yellow

I used Punky Color Atlantic Blue, Turquoise, Bright Yellow to blow my peers outta the water at graduation this year. I just sorta did a rush job of throwing the blues in, then just put the yellow right above the blue and left my roots platinum. I keep my hair platinum year round, so I'm always dying my hair fun colors. But always end up wanting to be blond again immediately (like now). I took this picture a couple days after graduation, but now it's been about a month with it, the yellow is completely faded but that's due to the lack of time that I let it sit, the turqoise is a light blue, and the atlantic blue is turqoise, I'm so ready to be blond again!

Hair Dye used: Renbow Crazy Color Silver and Sky Blue

It lasts about 3-4 weeks, depending on how often I shampoo, the
porosity of my hair, etc. I just really like it (Crazy Color)because they
have some unique colors. They're from the UK.

Pic 1 Special Effects Atomic Pink, HI-Octane Orange, Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem,
Punky Colour Plum, Spring Green, Bright Yellow, Turquoise
Pic 2 Special Effects Pimpin Purple, Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem,
Punky Colour Plum, Spring Green, Turquoise
Pic 3 Special Effects Atomic Pink, Punky Colour Plum
Pic 4 Special Effects Atomic Pink, Wildflower, Punky Colour Turquoise

I´m Patricia from Brazil and here´s some pictures of my hair.
My hair is black and I bleach it first (to a golden blonde).
The pictures shown were taken the next day. (*except the rainbow- atomic pink and plum - 45 days after dyed them*)



Hair Dye used: Punky Colour Poppy Red, Apple Green

My hair is naturally black and was dyed black, so it took a double process bleaching to get it to a blonde.
I parted my hair and using a brush to be neat, I did the red and then the green. The apple green came out
more turquoise, but everyone loves it!
The picture is after 3 washings and still looks awesome. I part the green from the red and wash each part
separately so they won't bleed together.



Renbow Crazy Color Sky Blue, Special Effects Bright as #$@ Yellow

First I used 40 volume developer and bleaching powder to lift all the color from my hair.
I left it on for about forty minutes. After rinsing and shampoo, Limelight and
Bright As F@#$ Yellow (Special Effects brand) were mixed and then applied to the portion
of hair seen. Renbow Crazy Color Sky Blue was using sparingly and vigorously rubbed into hair;
if you use too much, it will become darker than the intended color.
My hair was dark brown with faded Atomic Pink and Sonic Green tips (Special Effects brand).
Pics taken about a month after dyeing.


freshccs- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose

i used special effects hair dye,which i think is the most greatest dye ever..
i used virgin rose colour over dyed blonde hair and my hair is naturaly almost black brown..
its been about 5/6 months since i dyed it and it still looks great..
the first picture is a day after colouring
the second picture is the night i dyed it
the third pic is a few weeks after colouring
and the last pic is months after and still beautiful..




Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose and Blue Mayhem

My hair was dyed black when I started and I bleached it,
and then applied the Special Effects toner to get the yellow tones out.
I try to get my hair as white as possible each time I bleach. My roots are
naturally a light brown so they turn out a lot lighter then the bottom part of my hair.
To keep the colours separate when I'm colouring, I part my hair into sections,
then use plastic wrap to make sure they don't mix.
The colours are 3 days old in this picture. The reason I love using Special Effects so much
is because the colour lasts SO long. I usually refresh the colour every 6 weeks or so.



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

It was dyed over top of light brown hair with blonde highlights and caught and stuck to the hair very well!!
The picture was taken immediately after dyed and lasted for 3 to 4 weeks and faded to a fushia which still looked good!


Jeff LaBar of the bands Cinderella and Freakshow- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple, Nuclear Red

1st, my hair dresser Tracey gave me a straightener perm.
Then she bleached chunks of my black hair and dyed each chunk
seperately with the above mentioned colors, with some chunks left blonde.
The pictures shown are within the week of the process.
Hair stylist: Tracey Nauman, www.salon4rockville.com


Hair Dye used: First photo-Special Effects Joy Ride
Second photo-Special Effects Wild Flower and Sonic Green

It had been around a month since I last dyed it. For the Joyride, I used 40 volume developer and bleach. I left it on for about forty minutes until my hair was very pale blonde, then applied the color. I wished it would have lasted longer, however. I think perhaps because it's a lighter color, it faded faster, lasting only two, three weeks at best.
For the two tone, It had been around a month since I last dyed it. Wildflower and Sonic Green lasted about four weeks. The same bleaching process as above was used. As far as hair separation goes, my haircut sort of did it for me (all the very short, shaved parts, the sides and the back, I did green; the longer parts, I did purple).


Rainbow colors: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Napalm Orange, Bright As F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, and Fishbowl.

It had been around a month since I last dyed it. For the rainbow, the same bleaching process/ingredients as above were used. This one was kind of tricky. I judged it by eye (how I do most of my hair) and started with the front, by applying color, and then wrapping that section in tin foil. I did that with all five colors. The pink and orange lasted around three or four weeks. The green, yellow and blue lasted around two.



Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Ultra Violet, Special Effects Electric Blue, Blue Mayhem, and Fishbowl

Methods used: My hair is naturally light brown, but I haven't seen it in thirteen years. I bleached my hair first using a 20vol. developer, it became a light blonde and still had some light pink in it (from using Atomic Pink previously). Then I just randomly sectioned it off with clips, and dyed each section an individual color. Fishbowl is on top, Ultraviolet is in the front, the Blue mayhem and Electric blue covers the rest, with a few more random pieces of fishbowl! I blow dried it all over and waited about an hour before rinsing.
Photos were taken about a day after dying.


Hair Dye used:First- Manic Panic Midnight Blue, Second- Special Effects Atomic Pink

The blue was about 1 week after the dye
The pink was about 2 weeks after the dye.
First I had prelightened my hair, and in the case of the blue I had added red (from another brand)
and blue in various places on my head and let it sit...and... viola!
With the pink first I dyed my tips purple, then I put the pink.
I loved the colors, right now my hair is a more natural brownish/red, but I will soon be going a little crazier.



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Midnight Blue, Fishbowl, Electric Blue, Pimpin Purple &
Punky Colour Plum

I used Punky Colour Plum & Midnight Blue, and Special Effects Fishbowl.
Plum was added to the roots of some very faded Special Effects PimpinPurple (done before w/ bleached hair).
For the blue part, it was overfaded Special Effects Electric Blue that I bleached it more,
plus someroots, allowing the previous blue to become very light, while letting the roots stop at a normal yellow.
Added Fishbowl over it all, then added some Midnight Blue to the ends.This picture is a couple days after dyeing.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl

My name is Alex and these pictures are of Special Effects Fishbowl.The first one is about a week after dyeing it.
The next, after 3-4 months. My hair is a medium brown normally so I bleached it first.




Hair Dye used- Punky Colour Violet

What brand of hair dye did you use? Punky Colour Violet
What color was your hair before you started? A really light pink
Did you bleach your hair first? Not really but a few months ago.
How long has it been since you dyed it? 4 days ago



Hair Dye used:
Pic 1-Special Effects Nuclear red, Electric Blue
Pic 2-Special Effects Electric Blue, Atomic Pink, Iguana Green, Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple

When Lesik was 3 she wanted rainbow hair. We started using special effects and haven't looked back. She will be 13 in a few days so we are pretty good judges of the product. She is naturally blonde so I never had to use bleach and the color has always been amazing. when she was younger, I would just layer the colors when she wanted something new, but now we will bleach out the color that she wants to change and go from there. The first pic is a combo of nuclear red and electric blue. The second is electric blue, atomic pink,iguana green,deep purple and pimpin purple.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl(lighter blue) and Special Effects Wildflower

The pics are of Special Effects Fishbowl and Wild Flower over bleached hair.
The pictures were taken the day of or day after dying. The colors stayed lovely and bright for weeks!


Jenna and Allyson-
Hair Dye used first photo:
Jenna- Rainbow: Special Effects Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue, Deep Purple
Allyson- Special Effects Napalm Orange and bleached blonde.


What brand of hair dye did you use? Special Effects!! I love it and have the best results with it. I recommend it (and funkyshop) to everyone who asks about my hair, which in Fairbanks Alaska is alot of people. I'm easy to spot!
My rainbow hair is done with Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue and Deep Purple, in a fade, applied all at once in a back to front application. Daughter Allyson's hair is Napalm and Bleach Blonde.
What color was your hair before you started? Medium Brown for both of us, we bleach it out prior.
This is an ongoing process, it changes every 6-8 weeks. The rainbow hair photo was about a month after I had dyed it'



Hair Dye used: Punky Color Blue Lagoon

I used Punky Color Blue Lagoon. I love Punky Color! It lasts so much longer and every color smells like blueberrys! Even red! I have been dying my hair since I was 1.I bleach my dark brown hair blond, apply the majority of a pot of Punky Color, rinse, and whala! The First Blue was done on the night before Halloween while the second blue was about a month or two later.


Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl

I absolutely love Special Effects' Fishbowl Blue. Since I have dyed dark brown hair, I took your 40 Bleach kit and bleached a chunk of hair on one side. After applying the fishbowl, by parting it differently I was able to get a really cool hi-lighted effect on the normally plain side. It looks awesome in my hair, lasted for about two months (this photo was taken about 5 weeks after dying), and I got several compliments on it. Despite suggestions to keep my hair natural (I'm a model, and unnaturally colored hair often doesn't go over well), I've found that the biggest compliments I get come from makeup artists and photographers that I work with! I'd definitely recommend any Special Effects dye, but Fishbowl is now a favorite on my list. Thanks again!


Hair Dye used-Special Effects Wildflower

What brand of hair dye did you use? Special effects
What color or colors of hair dye you used. Wildflower, but its not as blue in real life
What color was your hair before you started?light brown
Did you bleach your hair first?Yes, to a golden blonde
How long has it been since you dyed it? 4 days



Misty Cat-
Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

I used S.E Blue Mayhem on light yellow bleached hair. The picture is
on the day of dying; that's the best picture i got of it before it
faded. The blue faded a LOT faster than the pink, but it still hung
around for quite a while.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Iguana Green

SFX Iguana Green on bleached hair
Natural Hair Color: Medium Brown
I dyed the front part black, bleached the back part, then dye over the bleach to make it green. It was originally a much darker green, but has faded after one wash
~3wks after dyeing


Rebecca and Molly-
These are combinations of Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, Napalm Orange, Wildflower and Burgundy Wine.

My sister and I have been dying our hair with Special Effects hair dye for about three years now. We always bleach it out before putting the bright colors on, and have developed some techniques to make it last. I never have to re-dye because the color fades, only because my roots grow out!!
-We always use Special Effects... it is by far the best bright hair dye on the market!!
-Yes it is necessary to bleach our hair out before dying it, but we only bleach out the natural color, once the dye is in it stays. We do, however, put new color on top of the old dye job, it really mixes up the color and creates some cool shades! Keep in mind that the colors do change between a fresh dye and after a few washes.. so account for it when you decide what colors to use. I find that mixing the pinks, oranges and reds doesn't show up much in the beginning, but as the color fades they really come out!
-None of these pictures were taken immediately after dying, they all have at least a few weeks on them.
-Rebecca & Molly


- Swtch-
Hair dye used: Manic Panic Shocking Blue

What color was your hair before you started? Black
Did you bleach your hair first? YES
How long has it been since you dyed it? This pic was taken about 3 days after
- Swtch-


Hair Dye Used- Special Effects Atomic Pink, Iguana Green

Brand? SFX Atomic Pink, SFX Iguana Green
Natural hair color? dark brown
Color before dye? bleach blonde
Bleached? Yes
Sinced its been dyed? 2 weeks since the picture



Hair Dye Used-
Pic 1-Special Effects Blue Velvet
Pic 2- Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Pic 3-Manic Panic Pillar Box Red or Wildfire

Every time I use a different colour, I bleach out that section of hair to get rid of the last colour. In the picture on the left, I used Special Effects - Blue Velvet. This was my first application after bleaching my hair. It tends to get darker after ever application. The blue doesn't start to fade for at least six to eight weeks.
In the picture in the center, I used Manic Panic - Hot Hot Pink. This picture was taken after several applications. The pink lasted about two to three weeks, if I was lucky.
In the picture on the right, I used Manic Panic - either Pillar Box Red or Wildfire. I used a jar of both around the same time period but they turned out to be basically the same colour. The only difference is that Wildfire glows under black light. This picture was taken after several applications of the red. Either red lasted about two weeks, but after, would fade to an ugly orange colour.




My hair was dark brown before.
I did bleach it first.
I colored it a month ago and touched up a few times.

Eron- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Fishbowl

I first had dark brown hair that I bleached for about an hour to a light yellow blonde. I then used Special Effects Fishbowl on the top of my head, using a blow dryer for greater effect. It has now been about a month and a half, so it is fading, but it lasted quite a long time


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Atomic Pink and Blue Mayhem

I took this picture two days after dying. Before I had my hair bleached to a white blonde. I used Atomic Pink on top and Blue Mayhem on the bottom, both by Special Effects. I let the color sit for an hour and blow dried it for the first 20 minutes or so and it came out AMAZINGLY bright. I couldn't believe it.




Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl and Atomic Pink

This is my hair with Fishbowl all over the top and Atomic Pink on the bottom. Both were Special Effects. Before I dyed my hair, it was all bleached blonde, with a really light faded out pinktint in some places. The picture was taken a week after i dyed it.



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Blue Velvet

Here are some pictures of two different times I dyed my hair using Special Effects Blue Velvet. The pictures are taken the day of or day after dying. The color lasted a couple months without fading too much. Two of the pics show a smidge of black dye I used on my bangs. I bleached my hair to a very light blonde before dying each time.


Pic 1- Special Effects Atomic Pink and Fishbowl
Pic 2- Special Effects Atomic Pink and Limelight

My natural hair color is black, but I bleached it until getting it almost white.
In the first photo I dyed my hair with Atomic Pink and Fish Bowl From Special Effects, this photo was taken about 4 weeks later after I dyed it. The second picture was taken about 1 or 2 weeks after I dyed my hair, the colors are Atomic Pink and LimeLight From Special Effects.



Hair Dye used-
Left pics- Special Effects Nuclear Red
Right pics- Special Effects Blue Velvet

My hair is naturally dark brown and I dyed it black....bleached the underneath with Manic Panic 40vol bleach kit.
Got it a pale yellow light orange and washed with dawn dish detergent. Blow dryed it.
On the two left pics, I put Nuclear Red on by Special Effects and left on for 1 and half hours.
Pics on the right, I put in Special Effects Blue Velvet.
Beautiful color and stayed in for a long time.

Below- Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl

I stripped the Nuclear Red off to a pale yellow.
Washed it with dawn dish detergent and blow dryed it and put Fishbowl by Special Effects on it.
Left it on for 3 hours after blowdrying 3 minutes




Hair Dye used- Punky Color Blue Lagoon(on the left) with her friend Lucy

I used Punky Blue Lagoon and the darker hair is just faded black. My hair was originally an orangish blonde colour, so I had to dye it twice to keep in from going really green. In the picture it was just a couple days since I had dyed it.

Sarah- Special Effects brand Atomic Pink on the bangs, Hi-Octane Orange on the sides, and a mixture of Limelight and Fishbowl on the top, all over pre-bleached hair. First pic is three weeks after dyeing. The little pic is right after dyeing.



Hair Dye used-Special Effects Cupcake Pink and Fishbowl

My name is Bekki and I have been dying my hair for over 6 years using a variety of things from bingo dabber, to food color, to hair dye. My favorite hair dye is definitly Special Effects. My hair in the picture was bleached to get the colors to stick better. The pink is Cupcake pink by Special Effects and the green is fishbowl green by special effects. That is a fresh dye job, only hours old. I was running low on fishbowl which is why it isn't as vibrant. My natural hair color is a dark brown.



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Pimpin Purple, Fishbowl, and Blue Mayhem

Hi, my name is Margo . I've been dyeing my hair for about 13 years. I bleached my hair beforehand so the dye would be bright. I used three colors of Special Effects: the front section is Pimpin Purple, the stripe in the middle is Fish Bowl Blue, the back is Blue Mayhem. Some of the Fishbowl was layered on top of the Pimpin Purple which is why there is dark blue around the stripe.This was taken a day after I'd dyed it.



Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Ultra Violet

Hi, I'm Jenn~ I have naturally black hair (I'm Chinese) and used Manic Panic Ultra Violet for the purple and some generic brand pink, I think it's called Beyond the Zone? It's pretty bad, the lady at the salon said it started washing out even as she was doing the first rinse. The Manic Panic stays for a while though, like a couple of weeks. I had my hair bleached professionally at the salon and it ended up a yellow blonde, with some parts a little darker than others.



Hair Dyes used-Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Special Effects Electric Blue

The aqua is Manic Panic-Atomic Turquoise & the blue is Special Effects-Electric Blue.
My color was a dyed dark brown.
Yes, I got as much previous old dye out then bleached the under-layer and bangs.
It's been about 3 months since I've dyed it these colors. In the pics it had been about 3 weeks since I had.


Allie C-
Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Midnight Blue, Turquoise, Fuschia Shock

What brand of hair dye: Manic Panic
What color or colors of hair dyes used: Midnight blue, Turquoise, Fuschia shock: I dyed the fringe turquoise and then applied the midnight blue at the roots and mixed it with the turquoise the lower on it.
What color was your hair before you started? Very dark brown
Did you bleach your hair first? Yes
How long has it been since you dyed it? A couple of weeks
Allie C-




This is Fudge Blue Velvet with a Whiter Shade of Pale. He bleached it first with 30vol bleach kit.