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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Blue Mayhem? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair special effects blue mayhem, what hair dye color they used and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else.
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Linda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue/Blue Mayhem. Atomic Pink

My name is Linda. I am a colorist at Mia Bella Salon in San Bruno, CA.
I've used your product Special effects for 7 years now and I am a huge fan of it.
I use it on myself as well. I have to pre-Bleach my hair to a level 10 to get this
vibrant of a color. It usually last up to 15-20 washes.


Loki- Hair dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Mayhem, Pimpin Purple

Special Effects Atomic Pink / Special Effects Blue Mayhem / Special Effects Pimpin Purple
My hair was Black before i started to dye it, i had to bleach it all out with White Out 40 Vol Bleach before coloring. i Re-Dye once every 3 months.

Luaths- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

Hullo there!
The dye in this photo is Special Effects "Blue Mayhem".
I've been using it since the Summer of 2006 and love it to bits!
I bleach the parts I intend to dye about twice a year and then retouch
with the blue about once every two months or so. I tend to leave the
blue in overnight since it dries pretty quickly. The photo was taken a day
or two after it had been dyed, though this particular colour fades to a really nice purple in time!

JInx- Special Effects Blue Mayhem and Pimpin Purple

Special Effects Blue Mayhem and Pimpin Purple.
What color was your hair before you started? It was Atomic Pink.
Did you bleach your hair first? Yes.
I have been dyeing my hair some form of and unnatural hair color for about the last thirteen years,
I have a habit of re-dying my hair every 3-4 months.


Ashley- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem, Atomic Pink, Pimpin Purple, Manic Panic Atomic turquoise

Bleached dirty blonde hair with Quick White bleach powder, 40 volume developer
-Special Effects Blue Mayhem
-SE Atomic Pink
-SE Pimpin Purple (applied to ends of hair)
-Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Amplified
I foiled the pink and turquoise
The second picture is what it looks like after about 2.5 weeks. I don't wash my hair every day. I wash it every 2 or 3 days so the color will last longer.



Claudia- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose, Blue Mayhem

Virgin Rose applied on fringe and Blue Mayhem on rest of hair.Before started, it was light orange.



Laura and Gabi- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

I used Special Effects - Blue Mayhem in all these pictures. The first picture is me about 2 weeks after dyeing, with normal shampooing. I did pre-bleach my hair to a light blonde. The second picture is a close up with flash the same night my hair was dyed. You can see all the beautiful purple and light blue tones.The last picture is of my little sister Gabi the same day we dyed her hair (she loved it!). We did not bleach or process it, just put the hair dye in over her blonde hair. It lasted around 4 weeks pretty vibrantly despite not bleaching it first. :]


Laura- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Mayhem, Fishbowl

My hair was a white blonde before I dyed it, except for where the pink is. It was still a faded Atomic Pink in that area. I used Atomic Pink, Wild Flower, Blue Mayhem and Fishbowl, all from Special Effects. This was taken about a day or two after I dyed it. The pink has lasted for over four months, but all the other colours faded in about 3-4 weeks. I loved having my hair like this, and I'm very glad that your shop carries the products I like! :)





Angelica- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Myhem, Punky Colour Plum

.i just have the blue mixed in with my natural red hair
What color was your hair before you started? red
Did you bleach your hair first? i bleached it with 40 developer
How long has it been since you dyed it? couple of weeks

Shiloh_ Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Fish Bowl, Blue Mayhem

In this photo I've just put in Special Effects Fishbowl and Blue Mayhem over freshly bleached blond hair. I used the Fishbowl on the top layers, and the Blue Mayhem on the bottom layers, and a mixture of the two dyes on the middle layers.


Brandi-Hair dye used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange, Iguana Green, Blue Mayhem, Pimpin Purple, Atomic Pink

The 4th pic (below) i used hi-octane orange, iguana green, blue mayhem, pimpin purple, and atomic pink! 2 washes
I love SE colors they last long a fade pretty if applied correctly.


Karen-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

I have dyed my hair using Special Effects hair dye for about 4 years,
including but not limited to fishbowl, electric
lue, blue mayhem, and deep purple. I use one dye at a time, no layering
or mixing, etc. My hair is naturally a very dark brown, so of course I
must bleach it with 40 volume before dying.

Holls- Hair dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Mayhem

I used Special Effects Atomic Pink and Blue Mayhem, applying the pink to the front and the
blue to the back on pre-bleached to light yellow hair. The first pic was taken immediately
after dyeing it, and the second is a shot of the pink a month and a half after dyeing.

Tonks- Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl and Blue Mayhem

I usually use any and all colors I think will look good together. In the first pic, I used SE Fishbowl and SE Blue Mayhem. I usually dye each color seperate so they don't run together (unless I want them to) and then if I want some "blending" between colors, I will go back and dye over the spot lightly.


Pic 1 Special Effects Atomic Pink, HI-Octane Orange, Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem,
Punky Colour Plum, Spring Green, Bright Yellow, Turquoise
Pic 2 Special Effects Pimpin Purple, Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem,
Punky Colour Plum, Spring Green, Turquoise

I´m Patricia from Brazil and here´s some pictures of my hair.
My hair is black and I bleach it first (to a golden blonde).
The pictures shown were taken the next day. (*except the rainbow- atomic pink and plum - 45 days after dyed them*)


Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose and Blue Mayhem

My hair was dyed black when I started and I bleached it,
and then applied the Special Effects toner to get the yellow tones out.
I try to get my hair as white as possible each time I bleach. My roots are
naturally a light brown so they turn out a lot lighter then the bottom part of my hair.
To keep the colours separate when I'm colouring, I part my hair into sections,
then use plastic wrap to make sure they don't mix.
The colours are 3 days old in this picture. The reason I love using Special Effects so much
is because the colour lasts SO long. I usually refresh the colour every 6 weeks or so.


Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Ultra Violet, Special Effects eEectric Blue, Blue Mayhem, and Fishbowl

Methods used: My hair is naturally light brown, but I haven't seen it in thirteen years. I bleached my hair first using a 20vol. developer, it became a light blonde and still had some light pink in it (from using Atomic Pink previously). Then I just randomly sectioned it off with clips, and dyed each section an individual color. Fishbowl is on top, Ultraviolet is in the front, the Blue mayhem and Electric blue covers the rest, with a few more random pieces of fishbowl! I blow dried it all over and waited about an hour before rinsing.
Photos were taken about a day after dyeing.


Misty Cat-
Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Mayhem

I used S.E Blue Mayhem on light yellow bleached hair. The picture is
on the day of dying; that's the best picture i got of it before it
faded. The blue faded a LOT faster than the pink, but it still hung
around for quite a while.

Hair Dye used- Special Effects Atomic Pink and Blue Mayhem

I took this picture two days after dying. Before I had my hair bleached to a white blonde. I used Atomic Pink on top and Blue Mayhem on the bottom, both by Special Effects. I let the color sit for an hour and blow dried it for the first 20 minutes or so and it came out AMAZINGLY bright. I couldn't believe it.

Hair Dye used- Special Effects Pimpin Purple, Fishbowl, and Blue Mayhem

Hi, my name is Margo . I've been dyeing my hair for about 13 years. I bleached my hair beforehand so the dye would be bright. I used three colors of Special Effects: the front section is Pimpin Purple, the stripe in the middle is Fish Bowl Blue, the back is Blue Mayhem. Some of the Fishbowl was layered on top of the Pimpin Purple which is why there is dark blue around the stripe.This was taken a day after I'd dyed it.