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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Blue Velvet? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair special effects blue velvet and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Include information about the product:



Teemis- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet

The blue I used was Special Effects Blue Velvet.
My natural hair colour is dark brown and I had bleached patches in my hair so I decided to put the Blue Velvet on my whole head to get a sort of REALLY dark blue with lighter blue parts. At first my whole hair was pretty much ALMOST black (even the bleached parts) but after about 2 days you could really see the bright blue parts peeking through the dark hair. It looked really good and lasted that way for quite a while. It lasted about a month before the light patches started fading into a colour I no longer wanted. In the second picture, I died Special Effects Blue Velvet over my whole hair and I had bleached patches on the sides, this is what it looks like now ( over a month later ) and I am still quite pleased with it :)

Katsuya- Hair dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Wild Flower

My hair was a darker blond for the first two and fourth photos. For the others, I bleached my hair to a pale yellow using 30 volume developer, then applied the color evenly with a tint brush. Then I let the color sit for half an hour usually, though I've also let it sit for 2 hours before as a test. I use Miracle 7's color protect shampoo and conditioner to keep the color longer.

Photo 1: freshly dyed blue velvet. Photo 2: blue velvet at a month. Photo 3: Blue Velvet on upper portion of hair and Wild Flower on lower, freshly dyed.

Patricia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet

My original hair color before dyeing was black and I always bleach my hair to change the color.
I took the pics 2 weeks after dyeing my hair.


Nicole- Hair dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet

For thi first picture, my hair was bleached almost platinum blonde. It's washed out (over a months period).


Natan- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet

I´m from Brazil, my name is Natan.My hair is dark brown. I bleached it with bleach 40 before dyeing my hair.
This picture is Special Effects BLue Velvet.
(I bleached my hair again) The picture was taken 1 week after I dyed.



Chelli- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Blue Velvet, Fishbowl, Punky Lagoon Blue

Special FX: I redyed my hair using SFX Atomic Pink, Blue Velvet,
and Fishbowl mixed with Lagoon Blue. The pink in my hair was
faded to a reddish orange colour when I used SFX. Considering this,
I can't believe how long it lasted.


Meagan- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Atomic Pink

I used Special Effects Blue Velvet as well as Atomic Pink. I applied these colours over top of an older application of the pink and yellow. Again, the colour was left on over night as washed the next morning. This pic was taken the same day it was washed out. The colours lasted a really long time. It was probably about 2 months after that I had to touch it up.


Chie-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Electric Blue, Limelight, and Fishbowl

Blue Velvet, Electric Blue mixed with Limelight, and Fish Bowl, allapplied in a mottled haphazard kind of way. I wasn't wearing gloves,so I was trying to do it as quickly as possible, so I wouldn't end uplooking completely like sonic the hedgehog. My hair is normally dark-brown, but I've bleached and dyed it alot, so before it was a light purple-pink as faded from blue velvet several months before. I did re-bleach my hair, as I had a significant chunk of unbleached roots and had just gotten a hair cut. I have been dyeing my hair for 6 years at least, but the last timeI dyed it was a few months prior, probably 2 or 3, as I had significantly longer hair and was running out of dye.

Hair Dye Used-
Pic 1-Special Effects Blue Velvet

Every time I use a different colour, I bleach out that section of hair to get rid of the last colour. In the picture on the left, I used Special Effects - Blue Velvet. This was my first application after bleaching my hair. It tends to get darker after ever application. The blue doesn't start to fade for at least six to eight weeks.




Hair Dye used- Special Effects Blue Velvet

Here are some pictures of two different times I dyed my hair using Special Effects Blue Velvet. The pictures are taken the day of or day after dying. The color lasted a couple months without fading too much. Two of the pics show a smidge of black dye I used on my bangs. I bleached my hair to a very light blonde before dying each time.



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Blue Velvet

My hair is naturally dark brown and I dyed it black....bleached the underneath with Manic Panic 40vol bleach kit.
Got it a pale yellow light orange and washed with dawn dish detergent. Blow dryed it.
I put in Special Effects Blue Velvet.
Beautiful color and stayed in for a long time.