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Nichole- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Special Effects Cherry Bomb. Bleached from dark brown to a light orange with Manic Panic Flash Lightening 30vol. This picture is the day I dyed it.

Katie- Hair dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

First of all, before I dyed my hair with Cherry Bomb, I bleached it until it turned a light orange. I've noticed that the more damage there is to your hair, the longer special effects doesn't fade. Another trick for the color to last longer is to use a baby shampoo on your hair because it doesn't strip your hair as much. Okay, so the first picture is the original color, it looked amazing. I've used every other shade of red, but Cherry Bomb is definitely my favorite. The second picture was about two months after I dyed my hair, it turned a very bright pink that still looked amazing! The last picture my hair is clearly orange, that's after about 4 months. It still looks good and it doesn't fade any more than that.The only reason I have to dye my heair again is when I need a root touch-up.



Sarah- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I used Cherry Bomb and applied it to my bangs, which were previously blonde. My roots had grown in a bit (which were light - medium brown) and they dyed almost as vibrantly as the blond. These photos were taken the same day of dying my hair.


Kailyn- Hair dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I just did my first round of special effects ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb last week - a friend had suggested it to me! & lemme tell you - ITS LEGIT. Color hasn't faded at all, unlike most reds that are dull in 3 washes! I am a cosmetologist & I shall swear by this product fo' life.


Michelle- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

My hair is naturally dark brown with copper and gold highlights. Before I dyed with Cherry Bomb my hair had 2 month old purple-burgundy shop brand dye fading out in it. I lightly bleached my hair and gave myself some chunky messy highlights. Afterward I applied the Cherry Bomb with a tiny amount of conditioner to help it spread, I left it in for an hour. The result was dark-red over the more natural colour, with bright red highlights and pink undertones on the more intensely bleached areas. I used Clairol ColourSeal - Weekly Intensive Conditioner afterward to aid in shine and colour lock. The photos are from the next day. The colour rub off has only happened very lightly around my neck so far, and washes off easily with make-up wipes or stain remover.

Liz- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I used special effects hair dye in Cherry Bomb. My hair was already light so I didn't need to bleach. This picture was taken 3 weeks after dying. :)

Livie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I used Cherry Bomb from Special Effects. I did not bleach my hair at all. This is about a week after the first dye

Becca- Cherry bomb over bleached hair

Shannon- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Special Effects - Cherry Bomb.
I bleached the top layer but underneath was only covered my natural brown.
I dye my hair often but last time was 2 months prior.

Sara- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Special Effects Cherry Bomb over completely bleached dark brown hair.
The first picture was taken about a month after dying.
The second picture was taken about four months after dying.
The color stayed vibrant for a really long time and faded beautifully after that!



Mela- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

My natural hair color is gray. Washed hair with Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. Dried with hair-dryer. isolated bleached section of hair (bleached w/ 30% developer) with hair clips and pinned the rest of my hair completely out of the way. Covered forehead at hair line with petroleum jelly. Put on latex gloves. Applied Special Effects Cherry Bomb color carefully with comb on small pieces of hair at a time until all the area I wanted was covered. Made sure hair was saturated and wet with color. Massaged dye into ends with a clump of dye on my fingertips. Kept hair pinned up and let the Special Effects work for about an hour. Rinsed with cold water until water ran clear. Washed off petroleum jelly. Removed some dripped color from skin with nail polish remover.

Almost 2 weeks later with daily washing (using a color-guard shampoo), the hair is still very red, although not as dark as before. The red is somehow still the same intensity all in all though. The dye has a great luminescence to it and looks anywhere from shocking pink to true primary red, depending on what light it is in. I love this product, because it works so much better for me than Manic Panic. The Manic Panic had always almost completely washed out by this time and left me with an odd, light apricot colored hair

Be careful not to let dye get on anything but hair. Nail polish remover works okay for getting skin clean and helps some with things like sink basins and bathtubs. Still, after lots of scrubbing with acetone, the bathroom sink has a slight pink tinge. I rinsed my hair out in the metal kitchen sink instead of the plastic bathroom sink. This area fared much better. I lined the countertops around the kitchen sink with old towels - ones that I don't usually have out for guests, and such. Beware: This dye stains much more easily than even the most powerful Manic Panic.

Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb, Atomic Pink, Pimpin Purple

Cherry Bomb(on left)This is a month after I dyed it. Next to me is a friend of mine. She has Pimpin' Purple over natural unbleached hair on top, and Atomic Pink over bleached hair on the bottom. The pink in her hair is 6 months old. She only has to touch up the roots in the purple.


Shannon-Hair Dye used:Special Effects Atomic Pink and Cherry Bomb

I just got my hairdresser to dye more of my brown hair blonde (more like yellow not white blonde). I equally mixed Cherry Bomb with Atomic Pink. My roots took the blonde waaaay too much but I love the rest.

Nolita- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Here I am with Cherry Bomb slices through my black hair, I bleached this first..
SE is by far the best dye I’ve ever used and once I found it I have never used anything else, Cherry Bomb and Atomic Pink are my favs!
This photo was taken 3 weeks after dyeing and last for about 10 weeks in total, I love it!
Nolita- Australia

Emma-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Cherry Bomb

hey :D i have been using special effects hair dye for about 4 months now, and i will never ever use anything else again! haha. i prefer to dye my hair at home, too, so it wor
The first pic is me with the underneath layer of my hair dyed with atomic pink.
my hair was dyed brown underneath about a year ago, and the atomic pink
was put on top of that and left for half an hourthe The second picture is when
i finally took the leap and dyed all my naturally blonde hair with atomic pink and
cherry bomb mixed together. :D and the one after is from the same night. :D i love special effects <333


Miss Lolo- Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Napalm Orange

She bleached her hair which is originally light brown, then dyed it
Special Effects Cherry bomb on most, Napalm Orange layered underneath.

Patricia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

My original hair color before dyeing was black and I always bleach my hair to change the color.
I took the pics 2 weeks after dyeing my hair.


Ashley- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple

The first photo shows all dimensions of my hair. My natural color, the color
my roots are bleached when dying, and the dyed hair. The upper half of the
colored part of my hair (from about my jawline to the bleach) is about 2 months
old. I actually let the dye sit anywhere from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours if I can. I
applied the color over already dyed hair for maximum brightness.

The second photo was taken with a full head of Cherry Bomb applied 8 days
prior and having been washed twice since then. I only bleach my roots once,
to a pale blonde, and I always apply the dye over my already pink hair for the
brightest possible effect all over and to avoid having to damage my hair by
repeatedly bleaching it all over. I let the dye sit for only 1 hour before rinsing this time.

Michelle- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Blood Red

My hair was previously dyed with Cherry bomb over bleached hair, with some hair left unbleached. I bleached more of it and added the Blood Red mixed with Cherry Bomb. After about 3 months I touched up my roots with the same mixture and bleached some more, then after a month I completely bleached all of the roots - I concentrated Cherry Bomb on the top, and Blood Red on the bottom. This photo was taken 3 weeks after that touching up the roots. The tips are darkish red, and the top is bright red - I get compliments on it constantly, and strangers and excited teenagers keep touching it. I maintain my hair by treating it with a glaze mixed with conditioner (with a drop of Blood Red to boost the colour and help the roots blend in between dyes), which I leave in for 20mins once a week before washing - which seals in the colour. I only wash my hair once a week, I wear a shower cap to avoid wetting it. I use a dry shampoo every three days or so to liven my hair up between washes. I haven't experience any real colour transfer using this method.

Amy K's Hair stylin-

Hi im a stylist - here are pictures from my clients.
The first one was done on bleached hair mixing the cherry bomb and hioctane orange together
Second is cherry bomb
Third is some cherry bomb, fishbowl, electric blue and atomic pink
I absolutely love this colour line i just cant get enough
thanks alot

Tonks- Hair Dye used- Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple
And, Tonks... Congrats!!

I usually use any and all colors I think will look good together. I usually dye each color seperate so they don't run together (unless I want them to) and then if I want some "blending" between colors, I will go back and dye over the spot lightly. In the second pic is my hair for my wedding in which I used SE Cherry Bomb and SE Pimpin Purple. My hair is always bleached before dyeing so that it is extra dry and will suck up the paint. My hair retains SE colors for 6 weeks or more with a little bit of fading because I only use hand soap to wash my hair. It helps with the dye bleeding out not as much. Blue hair pic, it was about 2 weeks, wedding pic is same day

Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Nuclear Red

I used special effects hair dye in colors cherry bomb and nuclear red mixed in equal parts.
It always lasts me about 6 weeks before i have to re-touch. did not have to bleach since
hair was already light


Jayne-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red, Devilish, Cherry Bomb

Hi, here are some photos of Special Effects hair dye in natural brightsun (it really glows!) as well as in bar lighting. I use a professional L'oreal MagiRouge "Copper Red" color to dye my long, darkbrown hair an orangey-red shade first, then apply the Special Effects over that. The color lasts a few weeks, fading gradually whenever I wash it, until it looks either pink or orange by the time I need to do my roots again. On average, I get about ten compliments a day on my hair, including many questions from people who want to replicate the color themselves. The photos show a random mix of Candy Apple Red, Devilish, and Cherry Bomb in varying proportions and the first two seem to fade less than the third. I only use permanent color at the base, to lighten the new growth, but reapply Special Effects all over each time, due to fading. I have tried other color lines like PunkyColor and Manic Panic, but found Special Effects to be the richest and longest-las

Hair Dye used- Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Okay so i used CherryBomb from Special Effects, this was the first time i ever bleached my hair or dyed it for that matter so i was really scared. I spent alot of time reading hair dye reviews especially on this website and Special Effects seemed to be a favorite! So i thought i would give it a try.I bleached my hair to a blonde orange color and then used the Special Effects Cherry Bomb. I was so shocked by the result it came out so much brighter that i thought. I LOVE IT! It was like a bright neon red. The pictures were taken the following week. The one with my boyfriend is the most accurate, like the way it came out. I have had it in for about three weeks so far and the fading is minimal, i use Garnier fructis color sheild shampoo and conditionor to hopefully make it last longer. I would definitely recommend Special Effects for anyone new to the bright hair color world. I can't wait to try a new color when my hair fades more. Oh yeah and it glows under blacklight!! So awsome for rave

Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

i used special effects cherry bomb hair dye over bleached hair. it lasted about 1 week as bright red (see picture 1) before it faded into hot pink for about 4 more weeks (see second pict

Hair Dye used- Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple

Hey! My name is Kate and I recently ordered some Special Effects hair dye from you guys. I've had so much trouble in the past with keeping colors in my hair, even when it was done professionally, so I figured I would only try one last time before going to something boring like brown. The reason I used special effects was because of its reviews, so I am glad to help other hair color connoisseurs in any way i can.
To do my hair I dyed it black then waited a week or so and bleached out what I wanted to dye. I used Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple and mixed the two in most places but the bottom is mostly pimpin purple, and my bangs have a lot of cherry bomb in it. I LOVED the results! The pictures don't do it justice really because the lighting is bad, but it's very vibrant, and very pretty. Most dyes i've used only last a week, if that. The first two pictures are my hair after 1 week. The next pictures are after 2 weeks. My hair hasn't faded a bit! It's still gorgeous and vibrant. I get compliments on it every day. On a side note, not only is it good color, but it's good for my hair. It didn't fry it or damage it in any way which is a majo