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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Electric Blue? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair special effects electric blue and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Include information about the product:

Nina- Hair dye used:Special Effects Electric Blue

I have used Special Effects colors since 2001. I mostly now love the Electric Blue color. It is beautiful and vibrant when you first apply it. I usually get my hair bleached, because my natural color is brown. But once it washes out, probably not until about 3 weeks into washing my hair every other day, it turns into this beautiful purple (as you can see in the picture of me looking down) I just LOVE it!
The face painted picture is a day after freshly applied hair dye.

NIkki- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

Using Special Effects Electric Blue Hair Dye.My hair was dyed black before I lightened parts of it with 40vol bleach.This was about a week after dying it.


From Becky's Beauty Hut, Emporium, Pa- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Limelight, Electric Blue

On 40 vol bleached hair


Chie-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Electric Blue, Limelight, and Fishbowl

Blue Velvet, Electric Blue mixed with Limelight, and Fish Bowl, allapplied in a mottled haphazard kind of way. I wasn't wearing gloves,so I was trying to do it as quickly as possible, so I wouldn't end uplooking completely like sonic the hedgehog. My hair is normally dark-brown, but I've bleached and dyed it alot, so before it was a light purple-pink as faded from blue velvet several months before. I did re-bleach my hair, as I had a significant chunk of unbleached roots and had just gotten a hair cut. I have been dyeing my hair for 6 years at least, but the last timeI dyed it was a few months prior, probably 2 or 3, as I had significantly longer hair and was running out of dye.


Melissa- Hair dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

I bleached it the night before after dying it blonde over the past six months (it was black and was a slow process of going blonde). Then my husband applied the dye which took about an hour since my hair was so long. Then I used the blow dryer on it for about 10 minutes and left the dye on for another two and a half hours. Rinsed and applied conditioning treatment on it. But my hair was in such bad shape from all the bleach that I chopped it off about a week later. Love the color, it really pops now that my hair is shorter.The photo is a week later after I got it cut. Neither picture was in the best of light and did not do my hair justice.

Amy K's Hair stylin-


Here is some cherry bomb, fishbowl, electric blue and atomic pink
I absolutely love this colour line i just cant get enough
thanks alot

Linda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue/Blue Mayhem. Atomic Pink

My name is Linda. I am a colorist at Mia Bella Salon in San Bruno, CA.
I've used your product Special effects for 7 years now and I am a huge fan of it.
I use it on myself as well. I have to pre-Bleach my hair to a level 10 to get this
vibrant of a color. It usually last up to 15-20 washes.


Sam- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

Here's a picture of myself with electric blue dye in my hair. The flash washed it out a little, unfortunately. It was quite a bit brighter-looking in person in natural light. It faded over time to purple and then pink :) It was dyed over bleached hair, though not completely white bleached.

Stacy- Hair Dye used: Special Effects

Pic#1 and 2
Hair color: Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as @$* yellow, Iguana Green, Electric Blue, Deep purple and Wildflower mixed. (All Special Effects)
Application: Started with top pink part first, sectioning it all the way around from my temples, one side slightly slanted longer. After pink was finished I applied
the rainbow colors in order in vertical sections. Washing out the color was the hardest part because the pink, the darker colors and the lighter colors
had to be washed all seperately to avoid the colors bleeding into one another.
Started with: Had bleached hair to start with (20vol).
How long since colored: freshly dyed.



arSinal of TranceDoll Inc:
Hair Dye used: Special Effects various colors

asSinal had a 'colorfall' with a layered effect using Limelight, Iguana Green, Electric Blue, Fishbowl Blue, Virgin Rose and Cupcake Pink.
Had naturally blonde hair, but has been dying it black for many years. So started with black hair. We ONLY use Special Effects brand intense hair colors! Nothing else has ever come close in longevity, intensity and eco friendly-ness! We recommend SFX to anyone coloring hair!




Karen-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

I have dyed my hair using Special Effects hair dye for about 4 years,
including but not limited to fishbowl, electric
lue, blue mayhem, and deep purple. I use one dye at a time, no layering
or mixing, etc. My hair is naturally a very dark brown, so of course I
must bleach it with 40 volume before dying.

Hair Dye used: Special Effects Electric Blue

It was dyed over top of light brown hair with blonde highlights and caught and stuck to the hair very well!!
The picture was taken immediately after dyed and lasted for 3 to 4 weeks and faded to a fushia which still looked good!

Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Ultra Violet, Special Effects Electric Blue, Blue Mayhem, and Fishbowl

Methods used: My hair is naturally light brown, but I haven't seen it in thirteen years. I bleached my hair first using a 20vol. developer, it became a light blonde and still had some light pink in it (from using Atomic Pink previously). Then I just randomly sectioned it off with clips, and dyed each section an individual color. Fishbowl is on top, Ultraviolet is in the front, the Blue mayhem and Electric blue covers the rest, with a few more random pieces of fishbowl! I blow dried it all over and waited about an hour before rinsing.
Photos were taken about a day after dying.



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Midnight Blue, Fishbowl, Electric Blue, Pimpin Purple &
Punky Colour Plum

I used Punky Colour Plum & Midnight Blue, and Special Effects Fishbowl.
Plum was added to the roots of some very faded Special Effects PimpinPurple (done before w/ bleached hair).
For the blue part, it was overfaded Special Effects Electric Blue that I bleached it more,
plus someroots, allowing the previous blue to become very light, while letting the roots stop at a normal yellow.
Added Fishbowl over it all, then added some Midnight Blue to the ends.This picture is a couple days after dyeing.





Hair Dye used:
Pic 1-Special Effects Nuclear red, Electric Blue
Pic 2- Special Effects Electric Blue, Atomic Pink, Iguana Green, Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple

When Lesik was 3 she wanted rainbow hair. We started using special effects and haven't looked back. She will be 13 in a few days so we are pretty good judges of the product. She is naturally blonde so I never had to use bleach and the color has always been amazing. when she was younger, I would just layer the colors when she wanted something new, but now we will bleach out the color that she wants to change and go from there. The first pic is a combo of nuclear red and electric blue. The second is electric blue, atomic pink,iguana green,deep purple and pimpin purple. We have used every color special effects has ever made. The colors that last the longest are atomic pink, deep purple and pimpin purple. The electric blue also lasts but tends to look purple after about two weeks. When we layer color we use rubberbands and foil and to make streaks we use a toothbrush. All of the pictures are at least two weeks or more after coloring. The only thing that seems to make the color fade fast is swimming. Other than that it has always been perfect.


Jenna and Allyson-
Hair Dye used first photo:
Jenna- Rainbow: Special Effects Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue, Deep Purple
Allyson- Special Effects Napalm Orange and bleached blonde.

What brand of hair dye did you use? Special Effects!! I love it and have the best results with it. I recommend it (and funkyshop) to everyone who asks about my hair, which in Fairbanks Alaska is alot of people. I'm easy to spot!
My rainbow hair is done with Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue and Deep Purple, in a fade, applied all at once in a back to front application. Daughter Allyson's hair is Napalm and Bleach Blonde.
What color was your hair before you started? Medium Brown for both of us, we bleach it out prior.
This is an ongoing process, it changes every 6-8 weeks. The rainbow hair photo was about a month after I had dyed it, the atomic pink photo was about 3 weeks after I had dyed it. (I'm dying my hair purple/blue/black even as I am typing this.


Hair Dyes used-Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Special Effects Electric Blue

The aqua is Manic Panic-Atomic Turquoise & the blue is Special Effects-Electric Blue.
My color was a dyed dark brown.
Yes, I got as much previous old dye out then bleached the under-layer and bangs.
It's been about 3 months since I've dyed it these colors. In the pics it had been about 3 weeks since I had.