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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Napalm Orange? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair special effects napalm orange and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Include information about the product:

Erin- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

1st- SFX Napalm Orange over bleached hair, right after dying.
2nd - SFX Napalm Orange over bleached hair, a week after dying.
3rd - SFX Napalm Orange over bleached hair, two weeks after dying.


From Becky's Beauty Hut, Emporium, Pa.- Hair Dyes used: Napalm Orange

Napalm Orange on 40 vol bleached hair.

Madisson- Hair dyes used: special Effects Napalam Orange

The color I used was Special Effects Napalm Orange in the bangs. I had originally bleached the hair to a medium blonde color. My natural hair color is dark brown so it took a lot of lightening. I usually go 4 weeks before I redye the color.
The first photo is the day after I colored it. You can see that it almost came out as a redish orange.
The second photo was after roughly 2 weeks since I last colored the orange.
The last photo was three weeks of fading.


Kadee- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

This photo is when I had my hair dyed with Napalm Orange by Special Effects.
It was over completely bleached hair that had previously been dark brown.
Napalm is probably my favorite hair color in the world. ;) It lasts me a month
or two, basically until my roots start to show & need to be taken care of.


Teemis- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

The orange I used was Special Effects Napalm orange
When the Limelight I had before faded to a yellowish I just put the Napalm Orange right over it.
(it was dyed over bleached parts of my hair)


Kelsey- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

Picture taken: 2 days after coloring
Bleached: Using 30/40 volume bleach
Original hair color: Dark blonde

Hair Dye used- Special Effects Napalm Orange

Taken the week of dying my hair, and stayed vibrant like that
for about 2 weeks give or take a shampoo. This is after stripping
all the color out and bleaching everything again, then applying Orange Napalm.

Hailey- Hair dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

Napalm Orange, It was supposed to glow under a black light, but it didn’t. I was very disappointed in that. Other than that I loved the vibrant color, it started fading at about two weeks after applying, but really faded a lot in the fifth week.Did you bleach your hair first? Yes, I almost always bleach it. Picture 1 was taken two days after applying. Picture 2 was taken about two and a half weeks after applying.


Miss Lolo- Hair dyes used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb, Napalm Orange, Manic Panic Turquoise

Miss Lolo bleached her hair- originally light brown. Pic was a few days after dyeing.
Pic: Special Effects Cherry Bomb on most, Napalm Orange layered underneath

Claudia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

My name's Claudia and I have been dyeing my hair for about four years now.
these are faux hawks in Special Effects Napalm Orange , which I would grow out, re-dye, and re-cut.
This is a lovely website, and I'm happy to share these pictures with everyone

Stacy- Hair Dye used: Special Effects

Pic#1 and 2
Hair color: Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as @$* yellow, Iguana Green, Electric Blue, Deep purple and Wildflower mixed. (All Special Effects)
Application: Started with top pink part first, sectioning it all the way around from my temples, one side slightly slanted longer. After pink was finished I applied
the rainbow colors in order in vertical sections. Washing out the color was the hardest part because the pink, the darker colors and the lighter colors
had to be washed all seperately to avoid the colors bleeding into one another.
Started with: Had bleached hair to start with (20vol).
How long since colored: freshly dyed.


Miranda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as &# Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired Freak, Deep Purple, Cupcake Pink

Nuclear Red, Napalm orange, Bright as F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired freak, Deep Purple, and Cupcake pink. they were not mixed, just applied to areas of my hair. Started with very light blonde. Bleached hair first. In the photos this was the first week of having it



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

Napalm Orange was applied all over the head. Two bottles used.
What color was your hair before you started? dark blonde
Did you bleach your hair first? yes
How long has it been since you dyed it? 2-3 days


Rainbow colors: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Napalm Orange, Bright As F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, and Fishbowl.

It had been around a month since I last dyed it. For the rainbow, the same bleaching process/ingredients as above were used. This one was kind of tricky. I judged it by eye (how I do most of my hair) and started with the front, by applying color, and then wrapping that section in tin foil. I did that with all five colors. The pink and orange lasted around three or four weeks. The green, yellow and blue lasted around two.


Jenna and Allyson-
Hair Dye used first photo:
Jenna- Rainbow: Special Effects Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue, Deep Purple
Allyson- Special Effects Napalm Orange and bleached blonde.

What brand of hair dye did you use? Special Effects!! I love it and have the best results with it. I recommend it (and funkyshop) to everyone who asks about my hair, which in Fairbanks Alaska is alot of people. I'm easy to spot!
My rainbow hair is done with Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue and Deep Purple, in a fade, applied all at once in a back to front application. Daughter Allyson's hair is Napalm and Bleach Blonde.
What color was your hair before you started? Medium Brown for both of us, we bleach it out prior.
This is an ongoing process, it changes every 6-8 weeks. The rainbow hair photo was about a month after I had dyed it, the atomic pink photo was about 3 weeks after I had dyed it. (I'm dying my hair purple/blue/black even as I am typing this.



Hair dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange in two pics. Then Rebecca's Tequila Sunrise- Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, and bleach.


Rebecca and Molly-
These are combinations of Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, Napalm Orange, Wildflower and Burgundy Wine.

My sister and I have been dying our hair with Special Effects hair dye for about three years now. We always bleach it out before putting the bright colors on, and have developed some techniques to make it last. I never have to re-dye because the color fades, only because my roots grow out!!
-We always use Special Effects... it is by far the best bright hair dye on the market!!
-Yes it is necessary to bleach our hair out before dying it, but we only bleach out the natural color, once the dye is in it stays. We do, however, put new color on top of the old dye job, it really mixes up the color and creates some cool shades! Keep in mind that the colors do change between a fresh dye and after a few washes.. so account for it when you decide what colors to use. I find that mixing the pinks, oranges and reds doesn't show up much in the beginning, but as the color fades they really come out!
-None of these pictures were taken immediately after dying, they all have at least a few weeks on them.
-Rebecca & Molly