Special Effects Wildflower Hair Dye Gallery!

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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Wildflower? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair special effects wildflower and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Include information about the product:



Pixel Neko- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

My natural hair is black, I beached it until it was almost white. The photo is wild flower from special effects, the picture was taken just after dyed it.

Sarah- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

My name is Sarah and I’m a Special Effectsaholic. I’ve been using Wildflower for 9 years and I looove it! I have tried other colors, but I just love the vibrant blue in the first month, hot purple the second month and Easter purple the last month or so. I have so much fun with it. I have fairly black hair naturally. I bleach it to blond before adding the color. I like wildflower because you don’t need to bleach it to white to get a great color pay off
1. This is the first day
2. Here’s 3 weeks later
3. This application was before it even had a chance to fade about a week after the previous pic.
4. Here’s a month after that application
5. This is 3 months after my last application


Victoria-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Wildflower

- My hair is normally black, and I had chunks of it bleached to a pale yellow.
- I dyed it with Special Effects Wildflower.
- This picture is of the day after the dye job.
- It's been a month and the color is still very vibrant.


Katsuya- Hair dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Wild Flower

I bleached my hair to a pale yellow using 30 volume developer, then applied the color evenly with a tint brush. Then I let the color sit for half an hour usually, though I've also let it sit for 2 hours before as a test. I use Miracle 7's color protect shampoo and conditioner to keep the color longer.

PhotoBlue Velvet on upper portion of hair and Wild Flower on lower, freshly dyed.



Kylee-Hair dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Wildflower

Special Effects Hair Dye-Atomic Pink on end and Wild Flower on Roots.Colors were applied at the same time, left on for 2 hours.Over bleached hair close to a light yellow. Colors are brighter in person.I have dark brown hair.Hair in photo is freshly dye

Patricia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cupcake Pink, Wildflower

Special Effects-Cupcake pink & faded wildflower (taken a few weeks after being dyed)

Miss Lovely- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Deep Purple, Wildflower

Pic 1-here is Deep Purple on the top layer with Wildflower on the bottom layer of hair, this was the day after dying it over bleached hair.
Pic 2-This is the same Deep Purple and Wildflower layers, with bleached sections (that turned pink from bleaching the purple) 4 months after dying it, only touching up the roots by bleaching and putting Deep Purple as needed.
Pic 3-This was a day after I put the atomic pink over the bleached sections, not having touched up the Purples except the roots in 5 months
Pic 4-This was the atomic pink after a month, 6 months on the purple.
Pic 5-I then bleached my roots to do a touch up and decided to mix the deep purple and the wildflower together and do it on all of my roots to pull it down and then applied the atomic pink to the ends (which had not been bleached with the roots) giving it a gradient effect. so the Atomic pink was covering the old atomic pink as well as the dark purple and wildflower sections. This picture is a week or so after I dyed it.

Stacy- Hair Dye used: Special Effects

Pic#1 and 2
Hair color: Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as @$* yellow, Iguana Green, Electric Blue, Deep purple and Wildflower mixed. (All Special Effects)
Application: Started with top pink part first, sectioning it all the way around from my temples, one side slightly slanted longer. After pink was finished I applied
the rainbow colors in order in vertical sections. Washing out the color was the hardest part because the pink, the darker colors and the lighter colors
had to be washed all seperately to avoid the colors bleeding into one another.
Started with: Had bleached hair to start with (20vol).
How long since colored: freshly dyed.

Hair color: Deep purple and Wildflower mixed, Diluted Cupcake pink(all Special Effects), Lagoon blue and turquiose mixed (both Directions).
Application: Started with upside down triangles all over my head and alternated colors. Washed the pink seperately from the purple and blue.
Started with: Had Bleached hair to start with (30vol).
How long since colored: a week.


Nikie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Pimpin Purple, Special Effects Wildflower

#1: bleached out Pimpin' Purple and got a highlighter-pink effect. #2 and #3: Dyed over the highlighter-bleach pink with Special Effects Wild Flower. #2 is a few days after dying, #3 is about a month after dying. It sort of turned silver.


arSinal of TranceDoll Inc:
Hair Dye used: Special Effects various colors

Pic 1: arSINal dared to use a painting style featuring a Wild Flower background, Iguana Green Alien Face and Atomic Pink Crossbones!
Pic 2: She had a solid style using Wild Flower and Limelight(40 developer with Salon Care brand 'Quick White' bleach powder).
She's naturally blonde, but has been dying her hair black for many years. So she started with black hair.

Patricia- Special Effects Atomic Pink, Wildflower

I´m Patricia from Brazil and here´s a picture of my hair.
My hair is black and I bleach it first (to a golden blonde).


Hair Dye used:Special Effects Wild Flower and Sonic Green

For the two tone, It had been around a month since I last dyed it. Wildflower and Sonic Green lasted about four weeks. I used 40 volume developer and bleach. I left it on for about forty minutes until my hair was very pale blonde, then applied the color. As far as hair separation goes, my haircut sort of did it for me (all the very short, shaved parts, the sides and the back, I did green; the longer parts, I did purple).



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Fishbowl(lighter blue) and Special Effects Wildflower

The pics are of Special Effects Fishbowl and Wild Flower over bleached hair.
The pictures were taken the day of or day after dying. The colors stayed lovely and bright for weeks!




Hair Dye used-Special Effects Wildflower

What brand of hair dye did you use? Special effects
What color or colors of hair dye you used. Wildflower, but its not as blue in real life
What color was your hair before you started?light brown
Did you bleach your hair first?Yes, to a golden blonde
How long has it been since you dyed it? 4 days


Rebecca and Molly-
These are combinations of Wildflower, and Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, and Burgundy Wine.

My sister and I have been dying our hair with Special Effects hair dye for about three years now. We always bleach it out before putting the bright colors on, and have developed some techniques to make it last. I never have to re-dye because the color fades, only because my roots grow out!!
-We always use Special Effects... it is by far the best bright hair dye on the market!!
-Yes it is necessary to bleach our hair out before dying it, but we only bleach out the natural color, once the dye is in it stays. We do, however, put new color on top of the old dye job, it really mixes up the color and creates some cool shades! Keep in mind that the colors do change between a fresh dye and after a few washes.. so account for it when you decide what colors to use. I find that mixing the pinks, oranges and reds doesn't show up much in the beginning, but as the color fades they really come out!
-None of these pictures were taken immediately after dying, they all have at least a few weeks on them.
-Rebecca & Molly


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Atomic Pink/Wild Flower/Virgin Rose

What color was your hair before you started? faded pink (atomic pink, special effects)
Did you bleach your hair first? of course! to a pale yellow
How long has it been since you dyed it? a while...last summer.



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Pimpin Purple and Wildflower

Mai used Special Effects, a mix of Pimpin Purple and Wildflower after bleaching with 30 vol. Her hair was black before she started.
I dye it every 2 weeks because I’m a freak about keeping the color vibrant. I’ve moved on to Fishbowl.