Red and Orange Hair dye Pics!!

Send us your pics!

Want to dye your hair Special Effects Nuclear Red? How about going for Manic Panic red Wildfire hair dye or Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair, what hair dye color they used and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else.
All photos should be Manic Panic, Special Effects, Punky colour, Arctic Fox Hair color, or Sparks Hair color. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Discount good for 30 days, one time only. Include information about the product:


Cat- Hair Dye used- Special Effects Hi Octane Orange and Manic Panic Electric Banana

My name is Cat Wilder. I am the lead singer for the retro party band The Atomic Cats in Kansas City, Missouri. I decided I needed a new look for the stage and colored my hair with vivid results!

I was a platinum bleached blonde already, and I did a root bleaching refresher 3 days before doing my color. Then, I used Special Effects Hi Octane Orange on the body of my hair, and Electric Banana by Manic Panic (only until Special Effects starts making their yellow again!) on the bulk of my bangs and the underside of the back. Everything was foiled in all at once (with the help of my best friend) on dry hair, then rinsed and I added a color conditioner of argan oil. I LOVE the results, and will continue with it as long as I can.

Natasha- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red

I bleached my hair with 40 volumeto bleach my hair to very light blonde from dark brown. and then used blood red. i die the roots every 4 weeks and apply some die to the ends to to keep the color.


Cassandra- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red

I use Special Effects, Candy Apple Red, bleached first.
I've dyed my hair a zillion times and I've been doing red for a while, but this has been my favourite brand by a long-shot.
First picture: Right after dye.
Second picture: A few weeks later.


Carrie- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange

Napalm is the base, with Nuclear Red on the ends.
My hair is pre-bleached, was previously a faded Special Effects Pimpin' Purple, bleached the color out and covered it with the red and orange.How long has it been since you dyed it? Just dyed it yesterday

Sammyzilla- Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Vampire Red

Vampire Red - Bleached out the bangs to a light gold blonde then dyed whole head. My hair sas A dirty blond with faded pink-purple chunks.

I only bleached my bangs.The pictures are from the day of.

Hannah- Hair Dye used: Hi Octane Orange

my hair was black and blue before this, bleached with 40vol. bleach until my hair
was a ridiculous yellow color but since orange has a yellow base it didn't matter.
this stuff lasts until you dye it something else. it's fabulous. My hair is almost always
a different color but I keep going back to hi octane every few months. I never mix it
with anything else. These pictures don't really show you how intense it is though, so
if you want something not quite so "BAM IZ ORANGE" i recommend napalm orange.

Leila- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Hi Octane Orange

I loved special effects hair color!! Amazing!!!
The color is a result of an all over bleach to a medium/light blond then an all over application of special effects.
The color is a mixture of Nuclear Red and just a tad of the Hi Octane orange. This color lasts so long. This pic was taken about two weeks after I did the color!! I hardly wash my hair, but the color still stays virbrant after a month!


Madisson- Hair dyes used: special Effects Napalm Orange

The color I used was Special Effects Napalm Orange in the bangs. I had originally bleached the hair to a medium blonde color. My natural hair color is dark brown so it took a lot of lightening. I usually go 4 weeks before I redye the color.
The first photo is the day after I colored it. You can see that it almost came out as a redish orange.
The second photo was after roughly 2 weeks since I last colored the orange.
The last photo was three weeks of fading.


Nichole- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Special Effects Cherry Bomb. Bleached from dark brown to a light orange with Manic Panic Flash Lightening 30vol. This picture is the day I dyed it.


Mariah- Hair Dye used: special Effects Candy Apple Red

I used special effects Candy Apple Red. I had to lighten my hair from dark brown/black to a golden/copper hue prior to dye use, gold seems to hold reds better than blond for me. These pictures were taken from 2-3 weeks after coloring, I dye it once every 5-6 weeks to keep the color bright and professional looking.

Susie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Devilish, Nuclear Red

Devilish in the first two pictures are Devilish and Nuclear Red in the last picture.
My hair was naturally dark brown. I bleached it to a light golden orange color and dyed it with Devilish. It faded into a pinkish orange color. I then bleached it again about two months later and dyed it with Nuclear red.

Vscon- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red

Used Blood Red used with a red protein filler beforehand.
What color was your hair before you started?originally dark brown with caramel highlights, but at the time of coloring had faded red box dye over the brown, highlights were somewhat ginger/orangy. Only bleached in the highlighted areas, but that was about 6 weeks prior. This is the next day.


Jennie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hi Octane Orange

I dyed my hair with Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange. My hair was dark brown. I bleached it to a really light yellow blond and then put the hi-octane orange right over it. I love how it looks. I dyed it 3 weeks or so ago and it has hardly faded at all. I'll be using the half bottle I have left soon because my roots are showing, but I don't even mind that so much. It still looks awesome and I get compliments all the time on it. :) The first picture is the day of dying and the second is 3 weeks after.

Katie- Hair dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

First of all, before I dyed my hair with Cherry Bomb, I bleached it until it turned a light orange. I've noticed that the more damage there is to your hair, the longer special effects doesn't fade. Another trick for the color to last longer is to use a baby shampoo on your hair because it doesn't strip your hair as much. Okay, so the first picture is the original color, it looked amazing. I've used every other shade of red, but Cherry Bomb is definitely my favorite. The second picture was about two months after I dyed my hair, it turned a very bright pink that still looked amazing! The last picture my hair is clearly orange, that's after about 4 months. It still looks good and it doesn't fade any more than that.The only reason I have to dye my heair again is when I need a root touch-up.


Katie again- Hair Dye used: special Effects Candy Apple Red

First off, I bleached my hair before using Candy Apple red from Special Effects. I bleached it until it turned a orange-copper color. The more damaged your hair is, the better the hair dye will stick and the longer it will last. Using a baby shampoo also helps the color last longer because it doesn't strip it. So, the first picture is when I first dyed it, it came out very bright and more pink then other colors. The second one is about 4 months after dying it, it turned somewhere orange. Candy apple red is the color that lasted the longest for me, it lasted about 5 months before I really had to dye it.

Nicole- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red., Napalm Orange

My hair is dark brown, but it bleached to a really light lemon color. I used Special Effects Nuclear Red with chunks of Napalm Orange. This picture was taken right after it was dyed.

Kailyn- Hair dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I just did my first round of special effects ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb last week - a friend had suggested it to me! & lemme tell you - ITS LEGIT. Color hasn't faded at all, unlike most reds that are dull in 3 washes! I am a cosmetologist & I shall swear by this product fo' life.

Shauna- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red

I used blood red over permanent red color, I am a stylist and do not like to overprosess so I use this in between my color touch ups.


Sarah- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hot Lava, Blood Red

I started off with reddish blonde hair. This color is the result of mixing Hot Lava with Blood Red. The picture was taken the day after dyeing. The color is super bright and looks completely different under different kinds of light. It skews toward Hot Lava with interior lights and toward Blood Red in the sunshine.


From Becky's Beauty Hut, Emporium, Pa.- Hair Dyes used: Napalm Orange

Napalm Orange on 40 vol bleached hair.



Mary- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red

I used Candy apple red over a faded atomic pink- (which took forever to strip! Not a bad thing!! ^^)I have naturally dark brown hair- so I had bleached my hair out to a pale yellow with 40 vol deveoper before any color was added. This picture was a week after coloring and washing two/three times a week. Best Red Ever!! I love this semi hair color because it's so bright and the color pay off is sheer love.

Hannah- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Special effects Nuclear Red on my hair, my hair was a dark red from previous permanent hair dyes. I didn't bleach my hair i just whacked the colour on top of my hair.
First picture was after first being dyed, second and third after about 7 washes

Stepho- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red, Pimpin Purple, Candy Apple Red

In the first pic I used only Blood Red and Candy Apple mixed, in the second I used all three separately with Pimpin' Purple on the bangs.
My hair was black, but I bleached it to dark blonde, waited a week and dyed it.
In the pics it was freshly dyed. It tends to wash out quick since I have to wash my hair daily, and even though I do the color last about 3 weeks true.

Raquel- Hair Dye Used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

My hair was black and I had to bleach it (w/40 vol. developer) to get it to this intensity. This was about two weeks since it had been dyed. I've tried many other hair dyes and this has been the one that lasts the longest and has such intense colors.
I recommend you use dry shampoo in order to make the color last even longer! Also use leave-in conditioner to have it healthy.



Sarah- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I used Cherry Bomb and applied it to my bangs, which were previously blonde. My roots had grown in a bit (which were light - medium brown) and they dyed almost as vibrantly as the blond. These photos were taken the same day of dying my hair.

Teemis- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

The orange I used was Special Effects Napalm orange
When the Limelight I had before faded to a yellowish I just put the Napalm Orange right over it.



Chloe- Hair dye used: Manic Panic Pillarbos Red, Fudge Red Corvette

Dyed hair pink. Probably about 2 or 3 days later I actually dyed my hair with Manic Panic's pillar box red without bleaching it back to blonde, just straight over top of the pink.
This came out as a neon magenta color but seriously darker than before.
(second picture&third picture).
After about a few weeks still with the want of bright RED hair (not pink) I dyed it a third time, without bleaching it before, with Paint Box's red corvette hair dye. When i blow dried my hair after washing the goo out of it I saw that
my hair was a red-dark fuchsia color. I've had this for around 5 or so days.


Ven- Hair dye used: Manic Panic Wildfire

This manic panics wildfire looked amazing when i first dyed it but within like a couple of days it washed out very depressing.

Amber- Hair Dye used: special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Special Effects Nuclear Red in my hair applied over bleached dark brown hair (bleached to almost blond). I used 40 volume developer and bleached twice to lighten my hair. This photo was taken about 4 weeks after I dyed it.


Mela- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

My natural hair color is gray. Washed hair with Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. Dried with hair-dryer. isolated bleached section of hair (bleached w/ 30% developer) with hair clips and pinned the rest of my hair completely out of the way. Covered forehead at hair line with petroleum jelly. Put on latex gloves. Applied Special Effects Cherry Bomb color carefully with comb on small pieces of hair at a time until all the area I wanted was covered. Made sure hair was saturated and wet with color. Massaged dye into ends with a clump of dye on my fingertips. Kept hair pinned up and let the Special Effects work for about an hour. Rinsed with cold water until water ran clear. Washed off petroleum jelly. Removed some dripped color from skin with nail polish remover.

Almost 2 weeks later with daily washing (using a color-guard shampoo), the hair is still very red, although not as dark as before. The red is somehow still the same intensity all in all though. The dye has a great luminescence to it and looks anywhere from shocking pink to true primary red, depending on what light it is in. I love this product, because it works so much better for me than Manic Panic. The Manic Panic had always almost completely washed out by this time and left me with an odd, light apricot colored hair

Be careful not to let dye get on anything but hair. Nail polish remover works okay for getting skin clean and helps some with things like sink basins and bathtubs. Still, after lots of scrubbing with acetone, the bathroom sink has a slight pink tinge. I rinsed my hair out in the metal kitchen sink instead of the plastic bathroom sink. This area fared much better. I lined the countertops around the kitchen sink with old towels - ones that I don't usually have out for guests, and such. Beware: This dye stains much more easily than even the most powerful Manic Panic.

Ruanne- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hot Lava, Punky Flame, Pillar Box Red

Flame was the main color while Pillar Box Red was used on the ends, and Hot Lava was used on the upper portion of hair to frame my face. I have dark brown hair, so my hair had to be bleach twice to barbie blonde. I used the Punky Color bleach kit both times. Color was applied immediately after second bleach treatment. Pics are from the next day after the first wash.

Marianne- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Special Effects Nuclear Red. Before I dyed I didn’t bleach, my hair was a faded red/brown color. I applied L’oreal HiLights in Red with 40vol developer and the next night applied the Nuclear Red. To keep the color fresh I mix some of the Special Effects with my conditioner and leave it in my hair for about 15-20 minutes when I wash my hair, similar to color depositing shampoo products. People notice how vibrant it makes me hair look in between colorings. The last I dyed it was a month and a half ago and it is still a pretty red color.



Michelle- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Blood Red

My hair was previously dyed with Cherry bomb over bleached hair, with some hair left unbleached. I bleached more of it and added the Blood Red mixed with Cherry Bomb. After about 3 months I touched up my roots with the same mixture and bleached some more, then after a month I completely bleached all of the roots - I concentrated Cherry Bomb on the top, and Blood Red on the bottom. This photo was taken 3 weeks after that touching up the roots. The tips are darkish red, and the top is bright red - I get compliments on it constantly, and strangers and excited teenagers keep touching it. I maintain my hair by treating it with a glaze mixed with conditioner (with a drop of Blood Red to boost the colour and help the roots blend in between dyes), which I leave in for 20mins once a week before washing - which seals in the colour. I only wash my hair once a week, I wear a shower cap to avoid wetting it. I use a dry shampoo every three days or so to liven my hair up between washes. I haven't experience any real colour transfer using this method.

Erika- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Blood Red

My hair was a dirty blonde to begin with. I bleached it to a light blonde with 30vol developer (the manic panic bleach kit). Mixed 2 parts nuclear red with one part blood red in a bowl. Used dye brushes to apply and left in for 40minutes. For the first 4 weeks i washed my hair with color protecting shampoo every fourth day. After that i washed my hair every 2 or 3 days.

Tee- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Devilish

Hello! All I did was bleach and apply the colour provided. My hair was somewhat a light auburn, I had black hair for 6 years (dyed) and I got it lightened out at the hairdresser a couple of months before. I bleached the contour of my head for the turquoise, and for the red i just kept the section already dyed out for the turquoise and dyed the rest black. So basically the area where the red is, it used to be a very faded turquoise. For the red, I bleached it to try to get as much turquoise out In the photos provided they were perhaps 3-7 days from dying. The special effects is so amazing, even when it begins to fade it’s still beautiful, the shades it leaves!

Hailey- Hair Dye Used: Manic Panic Pillarbox Red

I applied over a faded box die, using no bleach, and let sit for 8 hours.
These pictures are about 2 weeks after the first dye job

Brittany - Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Candy Apple Red

Nuclear Red on bottom section. Candy Apple Red and Nuclear Red mixed throughout remainder of hair.
Bleached to a dirty/medium blonde before dyeing.
Picture taken a few days after dyeing.



Liz- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I used special effects hair dye in Cherry Bomb. My hair was already light so I didn't need to bleach. This picture was taken 3 weeks after dying. :)

Robin- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I LOVE this color and am very pleased with the Special Effects hair dye. I pre lightened my dark brown hair with 40 volume bleach, to a light orange shade, then put Nuclear Red and it turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Angelica- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red

I used Special Effects Blood Red. Prior to bleaching, there were a number of different colors in my hair. Everything from red, to temporary pink and even black, that never completely washed out. So my hair was a pretty reddish, medium brown color when I started. About a week before I dyed it, I bleached my entire head to an orangey blonde. About two days before using the Special Effects, I dyed all but the top layer of my hair a medium brown, using a drugstore hairdye, which I ended up hating. When using the Special Effects, I used it on my entire head, and left it on for about 25 minutes, as I was in a hurry. I can not believe how bright it came out in such a short time! I thought that because of my light skin, I couldn't get away with a brighter red, but next time around I will most likely go brighter. Or to an entirely new color altogether.
The first picture was taken after I bleached it
The others are what it looks like now, just 3 or 4 days after dying it.

Sasha- Hair Dyes used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange, Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise, Purple Haze, Pillarbox Red

Pic 1-Special Effects High-Octane Orange, Manic Panics Atomic Turquoise. Natural color black as seen.
Hair bleached twice before dying.This is about a month after dying, I only wash my hair in the coldest water i can stand with shampoo, no conditioner, will cause my hair to get greasy too fast, and i only wash once it starts looking like it needs it.
Pic 2--Manic Panic Pillarbox Red
Bleached twice, waited a couple days between bleaching
About a week after dying

Michelle- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

My hair is naturally dark brown with copper and gold highlights. Before I dyed with Cherry Bomb my hair had 2 month old purple-burgundy shop brand dye fading out in it. I lightly bleached my hair and gave myself some chunky messy highlights. Afterward I applied the Cherry Bomb with a tiny amount of conditioner to help it spread, I left it in for an hour. The result was dark-red over the more natural colour, with bright red highlights and pink undertones on the more intensely bleached areas. I used Clairol ColourSeal - Weekly Intensive Conditioner afterward to aid in shine and colour lock. The photos are from the next day. The colour rub off has only happened very lightly around my neck so far, and washes off easily with make-up wipes or stain remover.

Thotpham-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red

I used SE Blood Red. My hair was naturally black and I had to bleach it to a light blonde before the color was applied. It was originally colored 2 months ago and was touched up a month ago.


Nikki- Hair dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I bleached my hair first, leaving it in for about 30 or 40 minutes to get my hair to a pale pale white. Then washed the bleach out with cold water. Next I applied Nuclear Red hair dye and left it on for about 45 minutes. Next I did what my friend suggested (which really works), I mixed equal parts cold water and vinegar together. I poured this over my hair until the color runs clear. Then I washed the vinegar and remaining color out with cool water and a good quality conditioner. To keep the color staying bright don't wash hair too often (I washed it 1-2 times a week) and used a dry shampoo spray to keep it looking sharp without washing. I also washed with ONLY conditioner to keep the color vibrant, lasts about 2 months before it starts to fade.


Sara- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Special Effects Cherry Bomb over completely bleached dark brown hair.
The first picture was taken about a month after dying.
The second picture was taken about four months after dying.
The color stayed vibrant for a really long time and faded beautifully after that!

Hailey- Hair dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

Napalm Orange, It was supposed to glow under a black light, but it didn’t. I was very disappointed in that. Other than that I loved the vibrant color, it started fading at about two weeks after applying, but really faded a lot in the fifth week.Did you bleach your hair first? Yes, I almost always bleach it. Picture 1 was taken two days after applying. Picture 2 was taken about two and a half weeks after applying.

Mouse-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Iguana Green, Hot Lava

Hi I'm Mouse I've been using special effects since 2000. I've been using Nuclear Red as a primary colour since 2003, This colour is one of the most spectacular colours out of the choices I love all and i have several!
In these pics I used Nuclear Red on top Iguana Green,and Hot Lava!!! Thank you for your time, because i've had a blast!!!

Tabbit- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Purple Smoke. Nuclear Red, Blue Haired Freak, Sonic Green

My natural hair color is a dirty blonde, and I bleach my hair almost white every time I dye it. I have been dying my hair for 13 years, I dont even know what my natural color is anymore.

1, Purple smoke, by special effects, a month after dying.
2.,Nuclear red, by special effects
6, Blue haired freak, by special effects, 2 weeks after dying.
7, Sonic green by special effects, mixed evenly with blue haired freak, 1 week after dying with black tips.
8, Nuclear red by special effects, over half bleached out black hair on bottom 2 weeks after dying.

Kaitlyn- Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Fuschia Shock

I used the Manic Panic , Fuschia Shock Cream . I had never died my hair before this & it was naturally black . My stylist used the weave technic on the highlights . Of course with my hair being all black I had to bleach it , otherwise the color wouldn't take . I have to get my hair touched up every 2 weeks just to keep the color . But these photos were taken the day I had got it done .


Claudia- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange, Virgin Rose, Blue Mayhem

First pic: Hi-Octane Orange over permanent red dye. Before Bleached to a pale blonde. This is after one month.
Pic 2- Virgin Rose applied on fringe and Blue Mayhem on rest of hair.Before started, it was light orange.

Blair- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

This was with the nuclear red, special effects, i bleached it first then left the color on for 20 mins, i just did it two days ago.



Kellymonsterr; Hair Dye used: Special Effects

The first picture was dyed with Special Effects: Atomic Pink and Fishbowl, Punky Colour: Bright Yellow.
The second and third pictures were done with Special Effects: Atomic Pink, Fishbowl, and Limelight.
The fourth was done with Special Effects: Atomic Pink.

My hair was red before I started dying it at all, but i've had plenty of colors in it before. I never bleach my hair, it's bad for it, I just go to the store and get the lightest blonde I could find and did it with that. My hair wasn't really that dark to begin with, so it wasn't hard to get it blonde. It's been about a month a a half since i've done my hair and the last thing i've done to it was my pink roots, there's still pink in it. :]



Katsuya- Hair dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I bleached my hair to a pale yellow using 30 volume developer, then applied the color evenly with a tint brush. Then I let the color sit for half an hour usually, though I've also let it sit for 2 hours before as a test. I use Miracle 7's color protect shampoo and conditioner to keep the color longer. this was after a week.


Sasha- Hair dye used: Special Effects Hi-OctaneOrange

Special EffectsHi-Octane Orange
Natural color is black as seen in roots
Bleached hair first 2 bleachings and then toned
This is about a week after it was redyed.

Livie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

I used Cherry Bomb from Special Effects. I did not bleach my hair at all. This is about a week after the first dye

Becca- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry bomb

Cherry Bomb, all over bleached hair.



Erin- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

1st- SFX Napalm Orange over bleached hair, right after dying.
2nd - SFX Napalm Orange over bleached hair, a week after dying.
3rd - SFX Napalm Orange over bleached hair, two weeks after dying.

Nicole- Hair dye used: Special Effects Blue Velvet, Joyride, Nuclear Red, Blood Red, Deep Purple, Manic Panic Electric Lizard

For the first 2 pictures, my hair was bleached almost platinum blonde. They are both really washed out (over a months period).
The 3rd to last picture, my bleached hair was a little bit more yellowish and they were all after the first wash.
1. Special Effects - Blue Velvet
2. Special Effects - Joyride
3. Special Effects - Nuclear Red
4. Special Effects - Blood Red
5. Special Effects - Deep Purple
6. Manic Panic - Electric Lizard



Miranda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as &# Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired Freak, Deep Purple, Cupcake Pink

Nuclear Red, Napalm orange, Bright as F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired freak, Deep Purple, and Cupcake pink. they were not mixed, just applied to areas of my hair. Started with very light blonde. Bleached hair first. In the photos this was the first week of having it




Shannon- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Special Effects - Cherry Bomb.
I bleached the top layer but underneath was only covered my natural brown.
I dye my hair often but last time was 2 months prior.



Miss Lolo- Hair dyes used: Special Effects Fishbowl, Joyride, Cupcake Pink, Cherry Bomb, Napalm Orange, Manic Panic Turquoise

She bleached her hair- originally light brown. This was a few days after dyeing.
Special Effects Cherry Bomb on most, Napalm Orange layered underneath


Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Pimpin Purple

special effects nuclear red and pimpin purple both applied by my styleist both pictures
are after about ten days in, i wash my hair everyday. special effects die is awesome!!!!

Lisa- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

i had lightened a few sections, but most of my hair was a light red before i dyed.
i had a few bleached streaks from the last time i dyed my hair
it's been about two weeks.




Cristina-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange

These pictures are of Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange. They are freshly dyed over light yellow-blonde bleached dark brown hair. On me, the colour started out very red, but faded to a more orangey colour after a couple of washes. It stayed vibrant the entire time I had it.

Nathalie- Hair Dye used: Paintbox Fudge Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret

I still have my hair this way. Its been just over a year.
I always dye my hair black so... had to strip the colour.


Maddie- Hair Dye used:Special Effects Nuclear Red

I have been dyeing my hair for over 15 years and my favourite brand of dye was Fudge Paintbox. Since I moved to the US from Australia it is really hard to find, so I started using Special Effects after I found your website.I love it!!
My hair is naturally a medium brown, so I always bleach it before I dye it. I usually don't
combine colours, but when the pink I had in started to fade I put red over the top and it
made the red so much more vibrant!
The pics are after having Special Effects Nuclear Red in for about a month. I love SE, the colour stays for so long and doesn't stain much at all!

Nolita- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Here I am with Cherry Bomb slices through my black hair, I bleached this first..
SE is by far the best dye I’ve ever used and once I found it I have never used anything else, Cherry Bomb and Atomic Pink are my favs!
This photo was taken 3 weeks after dyeing and last for about 10 weeks in total, I love it!
Nolita- Australia



Emma-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Cherry Bomb

hey :D i have been using special effects hair dye for about 4 months now, and i will never ever use anything else again! haha. i prefer to dye my hair at home, too, so it wor
The first pic is me with the underneath layer of my hair dyed with atomic pink.
my hair was dyed brown underneath about a year ago, and the atomic pink
was put on top of that and left for half an hourthe The second picture is when
i finally took the leap and dyed all my naturally blonde hair with atomic pink and
cherry bomb mixed together. :D and the one after is from the same night. :D i love special effects <333

Miranda- Hair Dye used: Special EffectsNuclear Red

I used special effects hair dye for this.
I used Nuclear red dye. My hair was either blonde, or a faded color before I started.
I bleached my hair before I started coloring it.
I dye my hair all the time.


Katie- Hair dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Special Effects Nuclear Red after bleaching my hair (which was a washed out orangy color at first).
I left the dye on for about an hour.
The pictures show my hair the night of dying it.


Krista- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Special Effects in Nuclear Red. I bleached my naturally dark
hair to get it to a yellow/orange color, then left the Nuclear Red on overnight.
The first picture was taken a couple days after I dyed it, and the second picture
was taken about two months later. The color has faded to a shade that still looks
red indoors, but is a really bright red/orange in sunlight.


Cassandra- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red and Sonic Green

My hair was colored black, lightened with Flash Lightning 40vol. to the
yellow stage - did not use toner this time.
Used Special Effects Nuclear Red and Sonic Green for a festive look.
Hair was colored a week before taking this picture.


Claudia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects HI-Octane Orange, Napalm Orange, Manic Panic Purple Haze

My name's Claudia and I have been dyeing my hair for about four years now.
I last bleached my hair a year ago. I'm letting my hair grow out to bleach the roots.
The first picture is my latest dye job. I layered Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange and Manic Panic Purple Haze all throughout my hair, but applied a raspberry dye on my fringe (Pic. 1). I slept with the dye on. It was applied over faded Hi-Octane (Pic. 2), and lasted two weeks before noticeably fading.
Before (1), I had Hi-Octane all over my hair (Pic. 3), which I applied over faded Hi-Orange and Purple Haze (Pic. 4). To achieve the latter, the purple was applied as a horseshoe across my head. I kept that on for about two hours, and it lasted a week before the purple was turning pale blonde.
I used to have faux hawks in Special Effects Napalm Orange (Pic 5), which I would grow out (Pic. 6), re-dye, and re-cut.
This is a lovely website, and I'm happy to share these pictures with everyone

Oley-Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Pillarbox Red

I used Manic Panic Pillarbox red over mostly faded Rock & Roll red.
I had bleached my hair with 40 volume (or whatever it is.
I was too excited about the color to really pay attention to the bleaching. xD)
bleach for 20 minutes back before I dyed that part of my hair red the first time.
I took the picture about a week after dying.



Lauren- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red

I used Special Effects. I first had my hair dyed bleach blond.
Covered it with a permanent burgundy and when it faded, dyed it Blood Red.

Jackie- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Special Effects in Nuclear Red.
It was dyed about 2 weeks before taking this photo. My natural hair color is dark brown.
I had to bleach my hair with Vol.40 peroxide to lighten it.



Colby- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose, Sonic Green, Pimpin Purple

I bring the dyes into a salon. My hair is naturally the dark brown color so my hairdresser bleaches it to a light brown so that it doesn't kill it. (the colors still work even if it's not white blonde, they just come out darker and not as showy. I can't bleach my hair for long or else it dies.) She then applies the colors using foils and sits me under a dryer for about 15-20 minutes. I have used so many brands and nothing has worked and lasted like Special Effects. The first picture is about 2 months after dying. ) The second picture is about 3 months after dying, and the third is the day of dying. I have found the teal lasts the least long, but does not fade to an ugly shade. The roots continue to stay teal while the ends fade. Pimpin' purple lasted a few washes until the virgin rose bled together with it and it all became a pinky-purple. I think pimpin' purple would be great by itself, though. The virgin rose lasts the best, which is odd considering it is a pink. It just keeps getting more magenta and brighter with each wash but never seems to fade, I don't get it. I have since switched to fish bowl and deep purple. The fish bowl is a more true teal if you're looking for an aqua color, while the sonic green is obviously more green. Deep purple fades to an even better color than when it's first dyed; it just gets more brilliant and violet with each wash. I kind of wish it didn't turn out so dark in the beginning because by the time it fades to the awesome violet, I am redying it. Your site helps immensely with all of the pictures, I would never be able to choose just by explanation. Great prices, too. Thanks, funkyshop.


Patricia-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

My original hair color before dyeing was black and I always bleach my hair to change the color.
I took the pic 2 weeks after dyeing my hair.


Emily-Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Vampire Red

I used used manic panic hot hot pink mixed with vampire red. i mixed one full jar of hot hot pink into a bowl with half vampire red and evenly applied to my entire head. the color of my hair before i started was a light auburn. i did not bleach my hair first. this picture was taken a week after i freshly dyed my hair, it's been fading out slowly but maintaining it's brilliancy, i have noticed it's actually getting brighter as the fading takes place, pretty decent staying power, i use a color treated hair shampoo and a good conditioner.


Amy and friend-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Joy Ride, Deep Purple and Fishbowl

My name is amy and i use special effects on lots of my clients but i used it for the first time
on myself and im still in love with it!! This is the joy ride after 2 weeks of constant shampooing
still perfectly bright!!! love it! My hair was dark brown and i bleached it to a light orange


Kadee- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

This photo is when I had my hair dyed with Napalm Orange by Special Effects.
It was over completely bleached hair that had previously been dark brown.
Napalm is probably my favorite hair color in the world. ;) It lasts me a month
or two, basically until my roots start to show & need to be taken care of.


Amy- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I have dyed my hair TOOONS of colors but this time I decided to try Special Effects' Nuclear Red. I bleach my hair ALOT so it gets pretty dried out. So this time, I didnt pre-bleach it. I dyed it over a faded blueish green color (sonic green). These photos were taken the day after I dyed it. So far after 2 weeks the color is still going pretty strong.


Dayle- Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Vampire Red

I used manic panic vampire red. my hair was a natural redish orange before i dyed it. i left it in for about an hour and i did not bleach it before. these pics were taken the day that i dyed it. it does wash out after a few weeks but i have short hair so one jar of it does last me a while.

Brittany- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I'm Brittany. I bleach my hair blonde first and use special effects nuclear red.
It usually lasts for almost a month before i touch it up. I've been using it for
at least a year or two. i love it.



Morgasaur: Hair Dye used: Renbow Crazy Colors

From front to back: Violette, Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Canary Yellow, Napalm Orange (Special Effects) and Fire! All the Crazy Color colors you guys sent me, haha. Enjoy.



Nik-Hair Dye used: Special Effects and Manic Panic

I have been dyeing my hair for ages and have used both Manic Panic and Special Effects colors, as well as some Punky Colour shades. I find that Special Effects lasts the longest, but sometimes I still use MP in a pinch if I need a touchup while I wait for some SE color to ship. Anywho, The picture is Punky Red Wine over a faded all-over application of red L'Oreal Colour Rays.


Jennifer- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I used Nuclear red by Special effects hair dye,I bleached my hair to
platinum blond which was naturally a golden brown with jerome russell
30 volume bleach and then I let it dry,after that i added the nuclear red
for an hour.I rinsed the color out and let it dry.In this picture it had been
4 washes.



Ayana-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Hi-Octane Orange, Atomic Pink

I mixed different portions of each color until I got the color I desired, tested it on a white paper towel, then let it sit for an hour under no heat. My hair was a medium copper red all over and a little darker in the front and a lot lighter on the side from pre-bleaching. This picture was taken about an hour after I had colored my hair.


Daniela-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange and Manic Panic Electric Banana

I’ve been using manic panic and special effects for over four years now and haven’t found anything better. I’m a stylist in Texas and do many clients that prefer to have bold vivid colors, and this line comes to mind first. I’ve pretty much experienced every color, but these seem to be my favorites, manic panic electric banana and special effect octane orange. My hair is naturally a level two (which is natural black/dark brown) I bleached out my hair I want to say twice to get to this level of intensity. I used bleach with 30 volume the first time, waited about two weeks then bleached again with 40 this time. Wouldn’t recommend anyone to do that unless they are doing conditioning treatments. This picture was taken about a week after I had dyed my hair which is approximately 2 washes. Color lasted about a month before I had to reapply it.


Holly Halftone- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red

I'm an alternative model and I've been using Special Effects Nuclear Red hair dye for ages now!I bleached using 40volume, then use pure SE nuclear red.My hair is naturally dark brown, almost black.Special Effects always lasts a month before even starting to fade, so I love it !


Meaghan- Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Vampire Red

Brand of hair dye is: Manic Panic Vampire Red. I started with bleaching my hair out to a light blonde with a 40 volume developer and dyed that part the manic panic red and underneath was dyed black and then streaks of black were put through the red about 24 hours later using a nice and easy black. The manic panic would fade out to a bright orange colour in about 4 weeks and would need to be redyed (I would bleach my hair at this point as well). The three pictures here were the first time I ever put 'semi' permanent hair colour in my hair. I've been using that combination ever since, but am thinking of trying special effects blood red next time. :) Oh, and my hair is naturally medium blonde.




Ashley- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple

The first photo shows all dimensions of my hair. My natural color, the color
my roots are bleached when dying, and the dyed hair. The upper half of the
colored part of my hair (from about my jawline to the bleach) is about 2 months
old. I actually let the dye sit anywhere from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours if I can. I
applied the color over already dyed hair for maximum brightness.

The second photo was taken with a full head of Cherry Bomb applied 8 days
prior and having been washed twice since then. I only bleach my roots once,
to a pale blonde, and I always apply the dye over my already pink hair for the
brightest possible effect all over and to avoid having to damage my hair by
repeatedly bleaching it all over. I let the dye sit for only 1 hour before rinsing this time.


Amy K's Hair stylin- Hair Dye used: Special Effects listed below!

Hi im a stylist - here are pictures from my clients.
The first one was done on bleached hair mixing the cherry bomb and hioctane orange together
Second is cherry bomb
Third is some cherry bomb, fishbowl, electric blue and atomic pink
I absolutely love this colour line i just cant get enough
thanks alot


dR. Travma of TranceDoll Inc:
Hair Dye used: Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange

N naturally blonde, but have been dyingmyr hair black for many years. So we started with black hair.the dR. has not had to update his color for nearly eight weeks! We ONLY use Special Effects brand intense hair colors! Nothing else has ever come close in longevity, intensity and eco friendly-ness! We recommend SFX to anyone coloring hair!


Roger- Hair Dye used: special Effects Napalm Orange

Applied on bleached hair, left on for 45 mins
Started with bleached blond. Natural color is medium brown.
Did you bleach your hair first?
Yes. Been bleaching my hair for several years.


Tonks- Hair Dye used- Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple
And, Tonks... Congrats!!

I usually use any and all colors I think will look good together. I usually dye each color seperate so they don't run together (unless I want them to) and then if I want some "blending" between colors, I will go back and dye over the spot lightly. In the pic is my hair for my wedding in which I used SE Cherry Bomb and SE Pimpin Purple. Same procedure. My hair is always bleached before dyeing so that it is extra dry and will suck up the paint. My hair retains SE colors for 6 weeks or more with a little bit of fading because I only use hand soap to wash my hair. It helps with the dye bleeding out not as much. Blue hair pic, it was about 2 weeks, wedding pic is same day.




Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Nuclear Red

I used special effects hair dye in colors cherry bomb and nuclear red mixed in equal parts.
It always lasts me about 6 weeks before i have to re-touch. did not have to bleach since
hair was already light


Pic 1 Special Effects Atomic Pink, HI-Octane Orange, Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem,
Punky Colour Plum, Spring Green, Bright Yellow, Turquoise
Pic 2 Special Effects Pimpin Purple, Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem,
Punky Colour Plum, Spring Green, Turquoise
Pic 3 Special Effects Atomic Pink, Punky Colour Plum
Pic 4 Special Effects Atomic Pink, Wildflower, Punky Colour Turquoise

I´m Patricia from Brazil and here´s some pictures of my hair.
My hair is black and I bleach it first (to a golden blonde).
The pictures shown were taken the next day. (*except the rainbow- atomic pink and plum - 45 days after dyed them*)


Jayne-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red, Devilish, Cherry Bomb

Hi, here are some photos of Special Effects hair dye in natural brightsun (it really glows!) as well as in bar lighting. I use a professional L'oreal MagiRouge "Copper Red" color to dye my long, darkbrown hair an orangey-red shade first, then apply the Special Effects over that. The color lasts a few weeks, fading gradually whenever I wash it, until it looks either pink or orange by the time I need to do my roots again. On average, I get about ten compliments a day on my hair, including many questions from people who want to replicate the color themselves. The photos show a random mix of Candy Apple Red, Devilish, and Cherry Bomb in varying proportions and the first two seem to fade less than the third. I only use permanent color at the base, to lighten the new growth, but reapply Special Effects all over each time, due to fading. I have tried other color lines like PunkyColor and Manic Panic, but found Special Effects to be the richest and longest-lasting.




Hair Dye used: Punky Colour Poppy Red, Apple Green

My hair is naturally black and was dyed black, so it took a double process bleaching to get it to a blonde.
I parted my hair and using a brush to be neat, I did the red and then the green. The apple green came out
more turquoise, but everyone loves it!
The picture is after 3 washings and still looks awesome. I part the green from the red and wash each part
separately so they won't bleed together.




Hair Dye used: Manic Panic Wildfire

Manic PanicWildfire- applied over my unbleached and natural strawberry blonde hair
The photo was taken about a week after dying it. It was the first time I dyed my hair
without bleaching first, and the color came out great. Vibrant, but not too unnatural
and off-putting. The dye only stayed in for a few weeks though, because I did not bleach first.



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange

Napalm Orange was applied all over the head. Two bottles used.
What color was your hair before you started? dark blonde
Did you bleach your hair first? yes
How long has it been since you dyed it? 2-3 days


Jeff LaBar of the bands Cinderella and Freakshow- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple, Nuclear Red

1st, my hair dresser Tracey gave me a straightener perm.
Then she bleached chunks of my black hair and dyed each chunk
seperately with the above mentioned colors, with some chunks left blonde.
The pictures shown are within the week of the process.
Hair stylist: Tracey Nauman, www.salon4rockville.com

Jeff LaBar of the bands Cinderella and Freakshow again- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Hi Octane Orange

1st my hair was dyed back to black. Then chucks were bleached from the top of my head down.
Next, Tracey added the red to the top and orange next in the middle fading to the bleached tips,
creating what she calls a "fireball". Personally I think it looks like a sunset.
Do not try this at home. No seriously...don't. (Actually, you can give it a try)
The pictures shown were taken the next day.



Rainbow colors: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Napalm Orange, Bright As F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, and Fishbowl.

It had been around a month since I last dyed it. For the rainbow, the same bleaching process/ingredients as above were used. This one was kind of tricky. I judged it by eye (how I do most of my hair) and started with the front, by applying color, and then wrapping that section in tin foil. I did that with all five colors. The pink and orange lasted around three or four weeks. The green, yellow and blue lasted around two.




Hair Dye used- Special Effects Atomic Pink and Blood Red

For the first, I used Special Effects Atomic Pink (mid October 08). I bleached my hair two days before from a light brown, otherwise I didn't do anything special.
The second pic is about two months later. Still looks pretty much the same, just the roots were peeking out.
Third pic-I decided to redye and picked Special Effects Blood Red this time. I bleached my roots, but didn't mess with the pink. Maybe that's why, but the color didn't last nearly as long (about 2.5 weeks). Too bad, because I really love how it looked!
Fourth pic- As it faded... The pink was still there, bright as ever. This picture was taken about a month and a half after the red dye - early February - almost five months and the pink is STILL going strong! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a vibrant pink with serious staying power. This stuff is BRIGHT. Pictures just don't do it justice. Not a quiet color, that's for sure. I've gotten tons of comments both good and bad, people asking the product name, little kids craning out of strollers to stare at my hair, audible gasps as people's corneas are seared, etc. I've even had old ladies tell me they wish they could dye their hair pink. I always tell them to go for it!




Hair Dye used:
Pic 1-Special Effects Nuclear red, Electric Blue
Pic 2-Special Effects Electric Blue, Atomic Pink, Iguana Green, Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple

When Lesik was 3 she wanted rainbow hair. We started using special effects and haven't looked back. She will be 13 in a few days so we are pretty good judges of the product. She is naturally blonde so I never had to use bleach and the color has always been amazing. when she was younger, I would just layer the colors when she wanted something new, but now we will bleach out the color that she wants to change and go from there. The first pic is a combo of nuclear red and electric blue. The second is Pimpin purple. The 3rd is electric blue, atomic pink,iguana green,deep purple and pimpin purple. The 4th is atomic pink and the last is burgandy wine. We have used every color special effects has ever made. The colors that last the longest are atomic pink, deep purple and pimpin purple. The electric blue also lasts but tends to look purple after about two weeks. When we layer color we use rubberbands and foil and to make streaks we use a toothbrush. All of the pictures are at least two weeks or more after coloring. The only thing that seems to make the color fade fast is swimming. Other than that it has always been perfect.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Cherry Bomb

Okay so i used CherryBomb from Special Effects, this was the first time i ever bleached my hair or dyed it for that matter so i was really scared. I spent alot of time reading hair dye reviews especially on this website and Special Effects seemed to be a favorite! So i thought i would give it a try.I bleached my hair to a blonde orange color and then used the Special Effects Cherry Bomb. I was so shocked by the result it came out so much brighter that i thought. I LOVE IT! It was like a bright neon red. The pictures were taken the following week. The one with my boyfriend is the most accurate, like the way it came out. I have had it in for about three weeks so far and the fading is minimal, i use Garnier fructis color sheild shampoo and conditionor to hopefully make it last longer. I would definitely recommend Special Effects for anyone new to the bright hair color world. I can't wait to try a new color when my hair fades more. Oh yeah and it glows under blacklight!! So awsome for raves!!


Jenna and Allyson-
Hair Dye used first photo:
Jenna- Rainbow: Special Effects Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue, Deep Purple
Allyson- Special Effects Napalm Orange and bleached blonde.

Second photo:
Jenna- Special Effects Atomic Pink and black

What brand of hair dye did you use? Special Effects!! I love it and have the best results with it. I recommend it (and funkyshop) to everyone who asks about my hair, which in Fairbanks Alaska is alot of people. I'm easy to spot!
My rainbow hair is done with Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue and Deep Purple, in a fade, applied all at once in a back to front application. Daughter Allyson's hair is Napalm and Bleach Blonde.
The other picture of me is Atomic Pink and Black.
What color was your hair before you started? Medium Brown for both of us, we bleach it out prior.
This is an ongoing process, it changes every 6-8 weeks. The rainbow hair photo was about a month after I had dyed it, the atomic pink photo was about 3 weeks after I had dyed it. (I'm dying my hair purple/blue/black even as I am typing this.



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Nuclear Red

The second two red ones are about a month after the red was initially done.



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Napalm Orange
Picture taken: 2 days after coloring
Bleached: Using 30/40 volume bleach
Original hair color: Dark blonde



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Cherry Bomb

i used special effects cherry bomb hair dye over bleached hair. it lasted about 1 week as bright red (see picture 1) before it faded into hot pink for about 4 more weeks (see second picture).




Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Blood Red

Hi, my name is Jo. I've been coloring my hair off and on for the last 15 years! As of the last three years, I use Special Effects brand exclusively. It has the brightest colors and they last the longest! I used a 20 vol. bleach to lighten the highlights and went from black to golden yellow, then used Special Effects hair dye. I color my hair every 6 weeks, sometimes longer since the color holds so well. In the first pic, I had colored it using Special Effects Nuclear Red, and then attached red dread falls that matched perfectly! In the second pic it had been about 2 weeks or so since I colored it Blood Red.


Hair dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange in two pics. Then Rebecca's Tequila Sunrise- Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, and bleach.


Rebecca and Molly-
These are combinations of Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, Napalm Orange, Wildflower and Burgundy Wine.

My sister and I have been dying our hair with Special Effects hair dye for about three years now. We always bleach it out before putting the bright colors on, and have developed some techniques to make it last. I never have to re-dye because the color fades, only because my roots grow out!!
-We always use Special Effects... it is by far the best bright hair dye on the market!!
-Yes it is necessary to bleach our hair out before dying it, but we only bleach out the natural color, once the dye is in it stays. We do, however, put new color on top of the old dye job, it really mixes up the color and creates some cool shades! Keep in mind that the colors do change between a fresh dye and after a few washes.. so account for it when you decide what colors to use. I find that mixing the pinks, oranges and reds doesn't show up much in the beginning, but as the color fades they really come out!
-None of these pictures were taken immediately after dying, they all have at least a few weeks on them.
-Rebecca & Molly



Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red

My name is Teah. I used Special Effects (candy apple red).
It lasted me about 4 weeks before I had to touch up..
My hair was bleached before use... and it worked great!!!





Hair Dye used- Special Effects Blood Red, Candy Apple Red

I used Blood Red and it was on top of Candy Apple Red
but it was originally bleached.. (Special Effects Dye is the best)




Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red and Candy Apple Red, Cupcake Pink

I used half a bottle of Special Effects Nuclear Red mixed with a half bottle Candy Apple Red.
My hair is medium to dark brown with a hint of natural red.
I bleached some chunks in it, and they didn't turn out well, so I applied the 1/2 and 1/2 mixture to my whole head, even the dark natural color portion.
I put the bleach chunks in it a week ago, and just did the SE red mixture today. So the new red color, was just a couple hours ago.

Here's Trish again, this time with Special Effects Cupcake Pink streaks!



Hair Dye Used-
Pic 1-Special Effects Blue Velvet
Pic 2- Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Pic 3-Manic Panic Pillar Box Red or Wildfire

Every time I use a different colour, I bleach out that section of hair to get rid of the last colour. In the picture on the left, I used Special Effects - Blue Velvet. This was my first application after bleaching my hair. It tends to get darker after ever application. The blue doesn't start to fade for at least six to eight weeks.
In the picture in the center, I used Manic Panic - Hot Hot Pink. This picture was taken after several applications. The pink lasted about two to three weeks, if I was lucky.
In the picture on the right, I used Manic Panic - either Pillar Box Red or Wildfire. I used a jar of both around the same time period but they turned out to be basically the same colour. The only difference is that Wildfire glows under black light. This picture was taken after several applications of the red. Either red lasted about two weeks, but after, would fade to an ugly orange colour.




Hair Dye used-Special Effects Blood Red.
Her hair was bleached first.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple

Hey! My name is Kate and I recently ordered some Special Effects hair dye from you guys. I've had so much trouble in the past with keeping colors in my hair, even when it was done professionally, so I figured I would only try one last time before going to something boring like brown. The reason I used special effects was because of its reviews, so I am glad to help other hair color connoisseurs in any way i can.
To do my hair I dyed it black then waited a week or so and bleached out what I wanted to dye. I used Cherry Bomb and Pimpin Purple and mixed the two in most places but the bottom is mostly pimpin purple, and my bangs have a lot of cherry bomb in it. I LOVED the results! The pictures don't do it justice really because the lighting is bad, but it's very vibrant, and very pretty. Most dyes i've used only last a week, if that. The first two pictures are my hair after 1 week. The next pictures are after 2 weeks. My hair hasn't faded a bit! It's still gorgeous and vibrant. I get compliments on it every day. On a side note, not only is it good color, but it's good for my hair. It didn't fry it or damage it in any way which is a major plus.



Hair Dye used-
Left pics- Special Effects Nuclear Red
Right pics- Special Effects Blue Velvet

My hair is naturally dark brown and I dyed it black....bleached the underneath with Manic Panic 40vol bleach kit.
Got it a pale yellow light orange and washed with dawn dish detergent. Blow dryed it.
On the two left pics, I put Nuclear Red on by Special Effects and left on for 1 and half hours.
Pics on the right, I put in Special Effects Blue Velvet.
Beautiful color and stayed in for a long time.

Hair Dye used- Special Effects Blood Red

Colored black hair was bleached to pale yellow light orange
Blow dryed and washed with detergent
Put Special Effects Blood Red on for 2 hours
Another AWESOME color by Special Effects
Lasts forever!



Hair Dye used- Special Effects Nuclear Red, Yellow, and Napalm Orange

"All 3 pictures were taken the week of dying my hair, and they stayed vibrant like that for about 2 weeks give or take a shampoo. In the first picture i started out with mostly natural red hair, then did low lights with black, and bleached highlights around that so i had my natural color, black and blonde all together. then i put the nuclear red on it and all the various shades of hair acted accordingly.

Second pic is after my hair had grown out a bit, i kept dying it with the Nuclear Red, then i bleached my roots and put bright yellow on it and blended it into the red, which gave me that lovely orange color in between.

And the third pic is after stripping all the color out and bleaching everything again, then applying Orange Napalm.





Melon Berry-
Hair Dye used- Special Effects Nuclear Red and Atomic Pink mixed in.

I dyed my hair the lightest blonde I could and mixed the two colors above.
When I got a nice ratio I put it on my hair and let it sit in for a little over an hour.
Then blew dry it for a couple minutes, then washed it out.
What color was your hair before you started? Blonde
Did you bleach your hair first? Nope

Top, after dyeing it

Below, two months since it was dyed.


Hair Dye used-Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange

This pic was taken about a month after dying my hair with Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange. I bleached my hair to a yellowy-blonde before and i didnt need to retouch the orange for close to 2 months.

Here's Sarah again, this time-
This is with Special Effects brand Atomic Pink on the bangs, Hi-Octane Orange on the sides, and a mixture of Limelight and Fishbowl on the top, all over pre-bleached hair. First pic is three weeks after dyeing. The little pic is right after dyeing.


Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Ultra Violet

Hi, I'm Jenn~ I have naturally black hair (I'm Chinese) and used Manic Panic Ultra Violet for the purple and some generic brand pink, I think it's called Beyond the Zone? It's pretty bad, the lady at the salon said it started washing out even as she was doing the first rinse. The Manic Panic stays for a while though, like a couple of weeks. I had my hair bleached professionally at the salon and it ended up a yellow blonde, with some parts a little darker than others.



Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Wildfire

Shelby has naturally brown hair. She used Manic Panic Wildfire, applying it twice. She didn't bleach it first, but has colored her hair before. The pic is after one wash.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Candy Apple Red

My name is Scarlett. Here is a pic of my prelightened hair with Candy Apple Red from Special Effects mixed with my natural dark hair color. I have used every haircolor imaginable in red and special effects is the best. This dye job was only a few days old, but remained vibrant for a few months. Next, I want to try deep purple.

Hair Dye used- Manic Panic Wildfire

My name is Niki. I've been using manic panic for 10 years.
I used manic panic wildfire on my hair.
My natural color is strawberry blonde.
I bleached my hair before i put the manic panic on my hair and this is the same week that i died my hair.