Special Effects Candy Apple Red Hair Dye Gallery!

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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Candy Apple Red? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair se candy apple red and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else.
Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Include information about the product:


Cassandra- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red

I use Special Effects, Candy Apple Red, bleached first.
I've dyed my hair a zillion times and I've been doing red for a while, but this has been my favourite brand by a long-shot.
First picture: Right after dye.
Second picture: A few weeks later.


Katie again- Hair Dye used: special Effects Candy Apple Red

First off, I bleached my hair before using Candy Apple red from Special Effects. I bleached it until it turned a orange-copper color. The more damaged your hair is, the better the hair dye will stick and the longer it will last. Using a baby shampoo also helps the color last longer because it doesn't strip it. So, the first picture is when I first dyed it, it came out very bright and more pink then other colors. The second one is about 4 months after dying it, it turned somewhere orange. Candy apple red is the color that lasted the longest for me, it lasted about 5 months before I really had to dye it.


Mariah- Hair Dye used: special Effects Candy Apple Red

I used special effects Candy Apple Red. I had to lighten my hair from dark brown/black to a golden/copper hue prior to dye use, gold seems to hold reds better than blond for me. These pictures were taken from 2-3 weeks after coloring, I dye it once every 5-6 weeks to keep the color bright and professional looking.

Mary- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red

I used Candy apple red over a faded atomic pink- (which took forever to strip! Not a bad thing!! ^^)I have naturally dark brown hair- so I had bleached my hair out to a pale yellow with 40 vol deveoper before any color was added. This picture was a week after coloring and washing two/three times a week. Best Red Ever!! I love this semi hair color because it's so bright and the color pay off is sheer love.


Brittany - Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Candy Apple Red

Nuclear Red on bottom section. Candy Apple Red and Nuclear Red mixed throughout remainder of hair.
Bleached to a dirty/medium blonde before dyeing.
Picture taken a few days after dyeing.


Stepho- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Blood Red, Pimpin Purple, Candy Apple Red

In the first pic I used only Blood Red and Candy Apple mixed, in the second I used all three separately with Pimpin' Purple on the bangs.
My hair was black, but I bleached it to dark blonde, waited a week and dyed it.
In the pics it was freshly dyed. It tends to wash out quick since I have to wash my hair daily, and even though I do the color last about 3 weeks true.


Jayne-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red, Devilish, Cherry Bomb

Hi, here are some photos of Special Effects hair dye in natural brightsun (it really glows!) as well as in bar lighting. I use a professional L'oreal MagiRouge "Copper Red" color to dye my long, darkbrown hair an orangey-red shade first, then apply the Special Effects over that. The color lasts a few weeks, fading gradually whenever I wash it, until it looks either pink or orange by the time I need to do my roots again. On average, I get about ten compliments a day on my hair, including many questions from people who want to replicate the color themselves. The photos show a random mix of Candy Apple Red, Devilish, and Cherry Bomb in varying proportions and the first two seem to fade less than the third. I only use permanent color at the base, to lighten the new growth, but reapply Special Effects all over each time, due to fading. I have tried other color lines like PunkyColor and Manic Panic, but found Special Effects to be the richest and longest-lasting.


Hair Dye used: Special Effects Candy Apple Red

My name is Teah. I used Special Effects (candy apple red).
It lasted me about 4 weeks before I had to touch up..
My hair was bleached before use... and it worked great!!!


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Blood Red, Candy Apple Red

I used Blood Red and it was on top of Candy Apple Red
but it was originally bleached.. (Special Effects Dye is the best)




Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red and Candy Apple Red

I used half a bottle of Special Effects Nuclear Red mixed with a half bottle Candy Apple Red.
My hair is medium to dark brown with a hint of natural red.
I bleached some chunks in it, and they didn't turn out well, so I applied the 1/2 and 1/2 mixture to my whole head, even the dark natural color portion.
I put the bleach chunks in it a week ago, and just did the SE red mixture today. So the new red color, was just a couple hours ago.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Candy Apple Red

My name is Scarlett. Here is a pic of my prelightened hair with Candy Apple Red from Special Effects mixed with my natural dark hair color. I have used every haircolor imaginable in red and special effects is the best. This dye job was only a few days old, but remained vibrant for a few months. Next, I want to try deep purple.