Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye Gallery!

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Want to dye your hair Special Effects Deep Purple? Below are photos of those who have already dyed their hair special effects deep purple and how they did it. Then once you've dyed your hair, send us a picture! Pictures are for use on our site only. We will not sell or distribute them to anyone else. Send pics of your whole head or just a small part. We cannot accept photos of other people without their permission. Include information about the product:


Shiloh- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple

T he first is my bangs with deep purple (special effects) immediately after dying over bleached hair. The second is after about a month, and you can see that's it's faded to a deep raspberry pink color. I particularly love deep purple because it's so long lasting, and you end up with a whole range of purples and pinks as it fades. I've actually never had it fade completely out, even when I bleach over it, it still comes out pale pink... Hope these are helpful for your gallery!


Sabiko-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Pimpin Purple and Deep Purple

I'm normally a huge SE Atomic Pink fan, but this last time I wanted to go purple. I got a bottle each of SE Pimpin' Purple and Deep Purple and did them pretty much back to back. I dyed right over the old color for about an hour, after lightly bleaching the roots to the same shade so it didn't look weird.
Pic 1-Deep Purple after 2weeks
Pic 2-Pimpin Purple after 3weeks
You can see the more pinky purple near the ends... totally unintentional, it was just fading faster there, but it looked sweet for a while.

Nicole- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple (bleached first)


Vicky- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple

Erin- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple

1st- -SFX Deep Purple over unbleached, dirty blonde hair.



Kimberly Zombie- Hair dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Deep Purple

I used Special Effects Atomic Pink, Special Effects Deep Purple and permanent black hair dye. The black is on the top, for the middle section its Atomic Pink and the bottom layer is Deep Purple. My hair is originally black. So I had to bleach it using Vol 30 developer and left it in my hair for half hour. Washed it off, sectioned my hair and began to dye my hair. I leave the dye on for about 1 hour. For the first two pictures, They were the day after I dyed my hair, and the third isfrom 3 weeks without retouching. The 5th picture is me with black light! As you can see it glows like the bottle says so!

Gemini- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Deep Purple

I used Atomic Pink and Deep Purple (as low Lights)* When started hair was black, and it was bleached first. I dyed it every two or three months to keep the color strong.

Miss Lovely- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Atomic Pink, Deep Purple, Wildflower

Pic 1-here is Deep Purple on the top layer with Wildflower on the bottom layer of hair, this was the day after dying it over bleached hair.
Pic 2-This is the same Deep Purple and Wildflower layers, with bleached sections (that turned pink from bleaching the purple) 4 months after dying it, only touching up the roots by bleaching and putting Deep Purple as needed.
Pic 3-This was a day after I put the atomic pink over the bleached sections, not having touched up the Purples except the roots in 5 months
Pic 4-This was the atomic pink after a month, 6 months on the purple.
Pic 5-I then bleached my roots to do a touch up and decided to mix the deep purple and the wildflower together and do it on all of my roots to pull it down and then applied the atomic pink to the ends (which had not been bleached with the roots) giving it a gradient effect. so the Atomic pink was covering the old atomic pink as well as the dark purple and wildflower sections. This picture is a week or so after I dyed it.

Stacy- Hair Dye used: Special Effects

Pic#1 and 2
Hair color: Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as @$* yellow, Iguana Green, Electric Blue, Deep purple and Wildflower mixed. (All Special Effects)
Application: Started with top pink part first, sectioning it all the way around from my temples, one side slightly slanted longer. After pink was finished I applied
the rainbow colors in order in vertical sections. Washing out the color was the hardest part because the pink, the darker colors and the lighter colors
had to be washed all seperately to avoid the colors bleeding into one another.
Started with: Had bleached hair to start with (20vol).
How long since colored: freshly dyed.

Hair color: Deep purple and Wildflower mixed, Diluted Cupcake pink(all Special Effects), Lagoon blue and turquiose mixed (both Directions).
Application: Started with upside down triangles all over my head and alternated colors. Washed the pink seperately from the purple and blue.
Started with: Had Bleached hair to start with (30vol).
How long since colored: a week.

Amy- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Joy Ride, Deep Purple and Fishbowl

My name is amy and i use special effects on lots of my clients
This is of my client using deep purple and fishbowl. I had to bleach it out pretty light for the fishbowl.


Miranda- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Bright as &# Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired Freak, Deep Purple, Cupcake Pink

Nuclear Red, Napalm orange, Bright as F@#$ Yellow, Limelight, Blue Haired freak, Deep Purple, and Cupcake pink. they were not mixed, just applied to areas of my hair. Started with very light blonde. Bleached hair first. In the photos this was the first week of having it

Catherine- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose and Deep Purple

I'm Catherine from Alaska.
I bleached my hair to a light blonde before putting chunks of 'Virgin Rose'
and 'Deep Purple' in my hair and I left it on for 30 minutes for each streak.
The picture of me with the wavy hair was two days after dying it, and it
hadn't been washed yet. The flash from my camera washed it out a little.
The straight hair picture was taken about two weeks after dying it, and it
had been washed around four times.
I've now had my hair done for about a month and the colors have not faded much,
and Virgin Rose is a FANTASTIC color to have if you want a hot pink at first that will
fade to a light cotton candy pink after time.
I suggest using sulfate-free shampoo and rinsing your hair in cold water, to
preserve the color longer.
All around, I am very happy with Special Effects.


I used the shade of Deep Purple by Special Effects. My hair naturally is dark brown. I colored the base withGarnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Color - Light Intense Auburn R3. Then about 3 weeks later, I had the copper/ blond highlights done with the standard bleach. After the highlights were done, I used the Deep Purple on some of the highlights.

Karen-Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple

I have dyed my hair using Special Effects hair dye for about 4 years,
including but not limited to fishbowl, electric
lue, blue mayhem, and deep purple. I use one dye at a time, no layering
or mixing, etc. My hair is naturally a very dark brown, so of course I
must bleach it with 40 volume before dying.


Jeff LaBar of the bands Cinderella and Freakshow- Hair Dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple, Nuclear Red

1st, my hair dresser Tracey gave me a straightener perm.
Then she bleached chunks of my black hair and dyed each chunk
seperately with the above mentioned colors, with some chunks left blonde.
The pictures shown are within the week of the process.
Hair stylist: Tracey Nauman, www.salon4rockville.com


Hair Dye used -Special Effects Electric Blue, Atomic Pink, Iguana Green, Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple

When Lesik was 3 she wanted rainbow hair. We started using special effects and haven't looked back. She will be 13 in a few days so we are pretty good judges of the product. She is naturally blonde so I never had to use bleach and the color has always been amazing. when she was younger, I would just layer the colors when she wanted something new, but now we will bleach out the color that she wants to change and go from there. The pic is electric blue, atomic pink,iguana green,deep purple and pimpin purple. We have used every color special effects has ever made. The colors that last the longest are atomic pink, deep purple and pimpin purple. The electric blue also lasts but tends to look purple after about two weeks. When we layer color we use rubberbands and foil and to make streaks we use a toothbrush. All of the pictures are at least two weeks or more after coloring. The only thing that seems to make the color fade fast is swimming. Other than that it has always been perfect.


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Deep Purple and Special Effects Atomic Pink & Deep Purple

First is very bleached hair, and strips of deep purple.
Second was All Atomic Pink and at the crown added a little deep purple and it is all over very bleached hair.
Atomic pink lasts forever, just don’t wash your hair as much.


Hair Dye used: Special Effects Virgin Rose and Deep Purple

I used Special Effects. I used Virgin Rose on the top and Deep Purple on the bottom.
My hair is naturally brown but I bleached highlights in the summer.
The first picture was taken just days after and the second was about a month after.


Jenna and Allyson-
Hair Dye used :
Jenna- Rainbow: Special Effects Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue, Deep Purple
Allyson- Special Effects Napalm Orange and bleached blonde

What brand of hair dye did you use? Special Effects!! I love it and have the best results with it. I recommend it (and funkyshop) to everyone who asks about my hair, which in Fairbanks Alaska is alot of people. I'm easy to spot!
My rainbow hair is done with Napalm Orange, Virgin Rose, Electric Blue and Deep Purple, in a fade, applied all at once in a back to front application. Daughter Allyson's hair is Napalm and Bleach Blonde.
What color was your hair before you started? Medium Brown for both of us, we bleach it out prior.
This is an ongoing process, it changes every 6-8 weeks. The rainbow hair photo was about a month after I had dyed it, the atomic pink photo was about 3 weeks after I had dyed it. (I'm dying my hair purple/blue/black even as I am typing this


Hair Dye used- Special Effects Deep Purple

My name's Amy. My hair is naturally black and very resistant, so I had to bleach it three times with 30 vol. bleach. I then used Special Effects Deep Purple all over. The colour's about a week old in the picture.